Offer Exhibitors Tracking Onsite with Lead Retrieval [Point Solution Guide]

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Why and What? [Before Reading More]

Decisions and Setup [Pre Event]

  • Setup the Basics
  • Configure the Journey
  • Determine In-person Logistics
  • Enhance the Experience

Train Onsite Stakeholders [Pre Event] → See Train Attendees, Exhibitors and Staff for Hopin Onsite

Troubleshooting [Event Days]

Reporting [Post Event] → See Report for Hopin Onsite Solutions

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Why and What? [Before Reading More]

What? – This guide helps you understand how to Offer Exhibitors Tracking Onsite by leveraging Hopin Onsite’s Lead Retrieval functionality. Hopin Onsite is a paid add-on offered at Growth plans and up. Please contact your AE if you are looking to add the functionality.

Why would I use it?

  • Providing Exhibitor Direct Access to ROI
  • Upselling Exhibitors for Lead Management
  • Simplify Attendee Interactions with a Scan

Lead Retrieval Licenses are sold Per Booth, NOT Per Staff Member – Lead Retrieval requires one (1) license per booth, but a booth can have as many staff members as the organizer requires. Most companies that offer these features charge per staff member which can mean significantly higher costs, but Hopin does not. The only additional cost for each booth staff member is a credit to login as an attendee which they need to attend the event in general.

How to Buy Licenses – Please contact your Hopin AE to obtain a quote.

Decisions and Setup [Pre Event]

Setup the Basics

Step 1 → Create the Event  Creating a Hybrid event OR Creating an Onsite event

Step 2 → Configure Global Registration Settings Setting up the event registration details and waitlist

Step 3 → Create Ticket Types How to create tickets

Step 4 → Add Attendees → Use 1 or more of the below options!

Configure the Journey

Step 1 → Buy Licenses – Please contact your Hopin AE to obtain a quote.

Decisions you will make:

  • Will you have multiple Check In Areas?
  • Check In Area Name(s)
  • How will staff receive the code for setup?

Step 2 → Create Booths → Use 1 or more of the below options!

Step 3 → Invite Exhibitors How to invite Exhibitors to set up and manage an Expo Booth

Step 4 → Assign Licenses How to enable and assign Lead Retrieval Credits

Step 5 → Ensure Booths are Setup – We recommend sending exhibitors Setting up an Expo Booth as an Exhibitor.

Determine In-person Logistics

Exhibitor Staff & Devices – Exhibitors use their own devices downloading the Attendee App on iOS or Android and Navigating the Hopin Mobile App (iOS and Android). Hybrid: Using the Hopin Mobile App as an Expo Booth Exhibitor explains how to use the app for Lead Retrieval.

Enhance the Experience

Would you like to add a Floor Plan? (max of 10) How to add floor plans to your event

Decisions you will make:

  • Name of Floor / Area / Building
  • Image (PNG, JPG or PDF)

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