Using Hopin Print Gateway to Connect Non-integrated Printers

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Network is the Most Common Issue! The Organizer App device MUST be on the same internet connection as the Printer. If the Organizer App is not connecting to a Printer, please check that the devices are connected to the same network and that there are no security settings preventing devices from connecting to each other through a network.

For Software Troubleshooting, see How to Troubleshoot Hopin Onsite

For Hardware Troubleshooting, see Hardware Compatibility for Hopin Onsite

What is Hopin Print Gateway?

Hopin Print Gateway enables a printer to connect to Hopin’s Organizer App even if it is not integrated by using a Windows Laptop. This provides organizers with the flexibility to use a wider range of printers and printing setups. In theory, any printer working on a windows device can be connected to the Hopin Organizer app via the Hopin Print Gateway.

Download Hopin Print Gateway

Download MUST be done on the same Network! This app must be downloaded on the same network as the Organizer App and Printer.

This app is only accessible by contacting Hopin support ( and requesting the download link.

Hopin Print Gateway Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 → Setup the Printer on the Laptop

NO Hopin App is needed for this step! This is the local setup of the printer on the laptop the same way you might connect a home printer.

  1. Connect the Printer to the Laptop (typically using a cable)
  2. Find the Printer on Windows (“Printers & Scanners” dialog)
  3. Set the Printer to the Default
  4. Adjust any Printing Preferences (ie: size, etc.)

Step 2 → Setup the Hopin Print Gateway

  1. Download Hopin Print Gateway on the Laptop. To request the download link, contact Hopin support ( and if needed.
  2. Extract all files from the Zip folder
  3. Click the file labeled “Setup.exe”
  4. Select “Install”
  5. If a Windows security message pops up, click “more info” then “run anyway”
  6. Run the Hopin Print Gateway
  7. STOP the Hopin Print Gateway to enter the settings menu
  8. Choose Connection Type → Network. Note: If the port is busy, assign a custom port (0 to 65535).
  9. Run the Hopin Print Gateway to allow the Organizer App to see the printer

Step 3 → Connecting the Printer to the App  How to setup Badge Printing for an Onsite Event

Where can you adjust this? – Organizer App > Side Menu > Devices

For these printers, you will ALWAYS need to connect Manually:

  1. “Tap here to add manually”
  2. Select Hopin Print Gateway
  3. Enter IP Address from Hopin Print Gateway (use 0 as placeholder). The Port should be appended to the IP address with a colon (ex: >> The IP address is visible on the Hopin Print Gateway screen which is working at the same time on the windows laptop.

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