Introduction to Hopin Onsite Software and Logistics Services

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Hopin Onsite is a set of point solutions for in-person problems.

At Hopin, we encourage clients to leverage the knowledge base resources below and our certified partners to self-serve these solutions to minimize your costs and improve your control over the outcome.

If you haven’t already, we recommend taking the Hopin Learn course on Onsite & Hybrid Events with Hopin.

Pages for Any Onsite Software Solution

Pre-event ChecklistsHopin Onsite Pre-event Checklists

Event Day TrainingTrain Attendees, Exhibitors and Staff for Hopin Onsite

Creating ReportsReport for Hopin Onsite Solutions


Setup Guides for Specific Solutions

Check InTrack Event Attendance Onsite with Check In

Segment Check InTrack Segment Attendance Onsite with Segment Check In

Lead RetrievalOffer Exhibitors Tracking Onsite with Lead Retrieval

Badge PrintingStreamline Badge Production with On-demand Badge Printing

Decide on the In-person Logistics Services

Hopin Onsite is often purchased with hardware, registration consumable and technician services. At Hopin, we trust clients to determine the right level of service for themselves. You start by answering 4 questions on Comparing Options for In-person Logistics Services. If you do find our Hopin Consultants to be the right option for you, then you will answer 4-13 questions on Requesting a Quote for Hopin In-person Logistics Services. Your quote will include line items you should read more about at Hopin In-person Logistics Services Packages Explained. We shouldn’t need more information to get started, but if you would like to get ahead on the delivery side, you could start on the 9-28 questions on Preparing a Hopin Consultant for In-person Logistics Services.

Step 1 → Choose Service LevelComparing Options for In-person Logistics Services

Path A | Self-serve → Determine HardwareHardware Compatibility for Hopin Onsite

Path B | Direct Supplier → Determine SupplierCertified In-person Logistics Suppliers

Path C | Hopin Consultant

FAQs on Our Approach to Onsite

Why are you trying to push us to self-serve or work with suppliers? I don’t want to do that! – We have re-thought the problem of the industry and believe that our objective is to level you up as an organizer so you have more control over the costs and experience you provide. If you are able to self-serve, then you have the freedom to self-serve when you want to and hire when it makes sense. This provides you with the leverage you want and us with the right focus as we now are focused on enabling self-service.

Your Logistics prices are high and your packaging is Opaque – Hopin’s In-person Logistics Services are built to deliver on your expectations. In order to do that reliably and consistently, we package and price our services to give our teams the flexibility and budget to help ensure a successful experience. We recognize that this can mean a much higher price point and that is why we are happy to help you connect with Certified In-person Logistics Suppliers that can provide a cheaper price, but would take on those pieces of the conversation. In many cases, working with these suppliers helps clients in 3 ways: 1) reduced costs by reducing middlemen margins; 2) more flexibility because as a reseller we must limit our options; 3) more hardware and consumable expertise because it is their primary service. 

So if you are not going to self-serve, the choice is between our In-person Logistics Services that come at a premium or our Certified In-person Logistics Suppliers that require you to pay that entity for those services.

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