Preparing speakers for the event

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Speakers registered for the event can access the event before the start of the event to get familiar with the platform and to practise.

Registering a Speaker for the event

In order to be able to enter the event a Speaker needs to be registered for the event. Instructions on how an Organizer can do this on their behalf can be found at Register a speaker

Sharing a session/backstage link

1. Go to the Event Dashboard > Venue > Schedule. 

2. Find the needed scheduled segment in the schedule. Open the actions menu and click “Share session link” or "Share backstage link".Screenshot_2022-11-30_at_12.06.47.png

3. You'll see a list of speakers assigned to the segment and their registration status. If a speaker is not registered for the event as an attendee, you will see a warning. Here you'll be also able to copy a direct link to each session linked to the segment.


4. Send the session or backstage link to speakers. Each speaker needs to be signed in into their Hopin account to be able to access the session or backstage via the link. If a speaker is not signed in when clicking on the link they will be asked to sign in first. 

Note: Chat messages, polls and questions posted in a session room will be visible to attendees when the event is live, so it is advisable to deleted the test messages and posts prior to the start of the event.

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