Subscription and ticket taxes

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Subscription tax for the Starter plan

When upgrading to the Starter plan, Organizers are presented with a billing form. For more information on how to upgrade, you can refer to How to upgrade to the Starter Plan.

Taxes are automatically applied according to the country and tax ID/VAT number entered when completing the billing form.

Depending on the country selected on the form, a checkbox reading “I’m a business” will appear:

Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 10.25.31.png

If the box is checked when submitting the billing form:

  • US customers are prompted to send their tax exemption certificate to our tax team
  • Non-US customers should automatically be flagged as “tax exempt” if the TAX ID/VAT number they entered is recognized as tax exempt by our system

If you have questions about tax exemption, please send the official documentation proving the tax exemption to

Our tax team will review the documentation and check if it meets the requirements. Once confirmed, your subscription details will be changed by our tax team and you won't be charged tax for futures invoices.

Note: We do not refund taxes for past invoices.

Taxes for ticket sales

Hopin does not manage taxes for ticket sales. As a workaround, Organizers can add a flat amount to the ticket price and use the ticket description to make it explicit that the price is tax inclusive.


There are Hopin and Stripe fees for ticket sales. Please see our guide Stripe Direct Billing for further details.

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