Speaker Instructions

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Congrats! You're a speaker at the event. Wahoo!

Here's what you need to do to make sure everything goes seamlessly.

Get set up

  • Create a new Hopin account or sign in to an existing one
  • Ask the event Organizer to send you a link to register for the event (it will probably be a private link with a free ticket)
  • Register for the event on Hopin platform. Once registered, let the Organizer know so they can add you as a Speaker to the Registration page, Schedule, and Reception Page
  • Ask the Organizer to send you the link to a Backstage if you are a speaker on the Stage
Note: Backstage is a dedicated place where you meet before going live and start sharing your presentation.
  • Confirm that your Audio and Video devices are connected and ready to use

Hopin Backstage/Stage

  • When it's time for your presentation, head to the backstage with the link provided to you by the Organizer of the event
  • Click Ask to Share Audio and Video at the center of the Backstage screen
  • You'll need to give browser permissions to use your camera and mic
  • The Organizer receives your request to participate and once approved, you will appear on the Backstage screen with video and audio on


Note: Currently you are not live yet and the event attendees cannot see you at the moment. This is the perfect time and place to run final checks. Once all is set, the Organizer will click Broadcast and you will be live within 15 seconds.
  • Use the Backstage Chat tab to let the Organizer know you're there or in case you just want to chat via text and not appear on screen. Make sure the chat is toggled to Backstage, otherwise the full event will see your message.
Tip: While participating on the Backstage, you can turn off your camera and mic using the controls at the bottom of your screen. This will make you disappear from the event Stage for attendees completely, even though your grey avatar is still showing in the Backstage. It's a sneaky way to transition smoothly between speakers.

Check our guides on presenting slides Backstage or sharing a Powerpoint like a Pro.

Streamyard Backstage

  • You can access Streamyard backstage using a link provided by the Organizer
  • If prompted, allow permissions for your mic and camera
  • You can stop/start your camera and mic and adjust your settings and display name
  • Click Enter studio when you're ready to join


  • Only the host will be able to see you however you can use the chat to speak to other people that are Backstage
  • The host will add you to the stream when it is time, all you have to do is start your presentation!



Once you register for the event, let the Organizer know. Sessions can be:

  • Open (anyone can participate on screen)
  • Moderated (Moderators approve or reject requests from attendees to appear on screen)
  • Invite only (specified people can participate on screen)
Note: For Moderated or Invite only sessions you will need to be added as a Moderator by the Organizer so you can run your Session.
  • When the event is live and it's time for you to appear on a Session, head to the Sessions tab and find the Session you'll be speaking in
  • Click Share Audio and Video at center of the Session screen
  • If you haven't allowed access to your camera or mic in the event, you will be prompted to do so at this time. Check these guides for mac users and window users to learn how. 
  • Once you see yourself on screen, you're live to your audience
  • If it is a Moderated session, you will see attendees asking to join at the bottom of the video in the Moderator Panel. You get to choose who comes up on screen with you there. 

Check our Sessions tutorial for comprehensive information on Sessions.


When it's time for the event, head to the registration page five minutes before the event starts.

Click Expo on the left sidebar and find your booth. Click it to enter. If it's a pre-recorded video, then your job is easy. Just man the Booth chat.

In case it's a live session, click Ask to Share Audio and Video. Make sure you've given browser permissions for Hopin to use your camera and mic.

When people request to join a live Booth, you'll see their name pop up in the Moderation panel below. Click their profile image to allow them to join. They then select their AV devices and will be on camera shortly. Click the RED button on their screen to remove them.

Check our Expo tutorial to master the Expo during your event.

There you go! Now you know how to speak across Backstage, Sessions, and Expo.


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