Scheduling 1:1 Meetings

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To build meaningful connections, users need to be able to start meetings with other attendees in an event.

While you are able to create private one-to-one video chats with other attendees, the schedule meeting feature allows you to schedule those meetings.

How do I schedule a meeting?

First, you will need to find the profile of the attendee that you would like to meet with. This can be done by clicking on that user's name in the chat tab or the people tab of your event. Once there, you will see a schedule a meeting button.


Clicking that button will open a modal with the following information for you to populate. Below is how it looks like from the Organizer's perspective on the left, and from the Attendee's perspective on the right. 

Screenshot_2021-07-24_at_12.20.00.png      Screenshot_2021-07-24_at_12.21.36.png
  • Meeting Title
  • Start date/time
  • End date/time
  • Select recipients: You may invite up to 19 attendees to a meeting
  • Exclude me from meeting (Organizer only): If you would like to set up meetings for other users in your event, you can exclude yourself from this meeting. Once you exclude yourself from the meeting, there is no way to see the meeting details in your notifications.

Once you have your meeting set up, you are able to send the invitation.

Note: If an organizer schedules a meeting at a particular time on behalf of other attendees and excludes themselves from the meeting, the organizer will not be able to schedule another meeting at that same time. It would have to be done by a secondary organizer or the attendees involved.

Pre-event scheduling 

Thanks to our Early Access feature, attendees can start scheduling meetings with other attendees before the event begins. 

Note: The meetings can only be scheduled for before and during the event, and not after. 

You can schedule a meeting with another attendee before an event in the same way as described above. Simply find the person you would like to meet with, input the required details, and send the invitation. 

What happens after I invite an attendee?

When a meeting is scheduled, the recipient of the invite is notified when they enter the event - or immediately if they’re already in the event - via the notification area at the top right of the screen. They will also be sent an email of the meeting invite.

From the notification area, they can accept or decline the invite.

Through the email, the recipient can accept or decline the meeting and also add the event to their calendar. 

Note: The time displayed for this notification is based on the recipient's local time.

After the attendees react, you will receive a notification.

If accepted, you will be able to enter the meeting room 5 minutes before the scheduled time to get ready.


If declined.


How do my invited attendees get into the meeting?

After an invitation is accepted, any users invited to this meeting will be notified 5 minutes before the meeting is about to start, and again when the meeting is starting:


The notification can take the attendees directly into the meeting room.


If one of the participants leaves and wants to re-enter the meeting room, they can do so via the notification area where they first received the invite.

How to turn off the meeting scheduler for an event

Go to the Event Dashboard > Venue > Venue Controls > uncheck 'Enable scheduled meetings' > Hit save. 

Scheduled Meetings Report

You can access a report on the number of meetings scheduled by your attendees through the event dashboard. Go to the Event Dashboard > Analytics > Reports > Scheduled Meetings Report. 


This gives you the date and time at which the meetings were scheduled, the creator's name, creator's email, recipient name, recipient email, meeting start time, meeting end time and the response status of the schedule request.

Note: The Scheduled Meetings report is available on the Advanced Plans only.

Other things to note:

  • Meetings can currently only be scheduled within the bounds of the start and end time of an event. In other words, the meeting time must be during the event.
  • Organizers can schedule a meeting before an event starts through the “preview mode”, but the users included in the invitee list must be registered users. Attendees can also schedule meetings before the event begins through the waiting page of the event.
  • Meetings can be scheduled for up to 19 participants. Organizers can schedule a meeting for other attendees without including themselves.
  • Once a meeting has been scheduled, participants cannot reschedule it. They can only schedule a new meeting.
  • Accepted meetings are displayed in the notification area as well as the personal agenda area of the event. 
  • Meeting attendees can access the meeting room even after the scheduled end time has passed if required.


Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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