Does Hopin support white-labeling and CNAMEs?

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This is a question we get often, so I wanted to put our answer into writing for it to be readily accessible.
Hopin does not currently support white-labelling or CNAMEs. In the future, we foresee giving more customisations to Hopin organisers as a must, including colour themes, more integrations, and additional branding, to make events feel more like their own, but the core Hopin experience will remain in Hopin's domain.

The reason for this is our vision of the future. We see Hopin becoming the destination to create, discover, and experience the best live online events on the internet. People will visit Hopin to find premier networking events, trade fairs, live music experiences, industry summits, social gatherings, private events, educational training seminars, meetups, entertainment, fundraisers, and so on.

Hopin will be the home for a wide variety of high-quality online experiences. Similar to videos on YouTube or articles on Medium, users will recognize events hosted on Hopin as a standard, great experience. For this reason, we are currently keeping the platform events on Hopin's website.

The plus side to you as an organiser is the marketplace effect -- you'll have many people searching Hopin for events like yours, and when they discover it, your attendance rates will go up. Part of the benefit of participating on a high-quality software platform like Hopin is that, while you do the creative work of organizing an awesome event, we help bring the party to you.


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