Sponsor Benefits at Events Hosted on Hopin

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When pitching sponsors for your event, here's the value from an event hosted on Hopin that you can offer:

  • Tiered (Gold, Silver, Bronze) hyperlinked sponsor logo displayed prominently on the Registration page (outside event).
  • Tiered (Gold, Silver, Bronze) hyperlinked sponsor logo displayed prominently on Reception page (inside event).

    Tip: Check our guide on Image dimensions to make sure your images fit just right across the event.
  • Sponsors can be given an Expo vendor booth to showcase their products and services, with either pre-recorded videos or a live video stream session in the booth. Booths have a customizable lead generation feature built-in for capturing attendee interest.
  • Sponsor booths can be made different in sizes: mini, small, medium, and large, in the Expo area, similar to floor space at a trade show.
  • Sponsor booths can be ordered by priority so that higher priority booths are more visible at the top of the page.
  • Sponsors can be given a speaking segment on the main stage. With RTMP streaming, commercials and messages can be displayed in between Stage presentations.
  • Sponsors can sponsor breakout sessions in the Sessions area. The sponsor's branding can appear on the images of each session.
  • Sponsors branding can be featured in the main event image on the Registration page and inside the event on the Reception page.
  • Sponsors can receive the full list of attendees with name, email, location, and ticket type purchased.
  • Sponsors can receive reports from expo booths. There is a basic report available for Starter and Growth plan users, and more detailed reporting available to our advanced plan users. Please see the support doc linked for more details.
  • Sponsors can receive recordings, chat transcripts for both the event chat and sessions chat, and poll data from the event once finished.
  • Sponsors can be included in all emails to the attendee list (requires the Advanced plan).

Check our Hopin in Five Minutes info deck to see what value Hopin delivers to teams and businesses.



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