How to go live on Stage using Hopin Backstage

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Using the Backstage controls

If you’re using the Hopin Studio to broadcast to the main stage, you and your speakers need to access the backstage. Here’s a quick guide on how to access the backstage.

Now, here’s how to navigate the different controls within the backstage.

Share Audio and Video

Click Share Audio and Video to turn on your video and audio in the Backstage. You'll be able to go live when you hit Broadcast. When your speakers click the ask to share audio and video button, you will see their names in the moderation panel at the bottom left of the screen. From there, you can click on the name to allow the speaker on screen. Only the organizer has access to the moderation panel of the backstage.


Removing speakers

The organizer can take off speakers from the screen ]by clicking the three-dots at the top of the display and clicking Remove. If the speaker is sharing their screen, you will have to do this once to remove the screenshare and then again to remove the speaker. 

Note: The sound and video you get at the Backstage is for the Backstage only at this point. You are safe to test before going live and the event attendees will not be able to see you rehearsing.


Visible only to organizers, press this button to go live to the front Stage. When you click Broadcast, whatever and whoever is visible in the Backstage becomes visible on the front Stage. Clicking on the Stop Broadcasting button will stop the stream for the attendees. Click that when your Stage segment is over or click Leave to leave the Backstage any time.

When you click Broadcast, the top left of the screen says “Going Live…” blinking in yellow. You are not live yet. Wait about 10-15 seconds, and then you will see a red “LIVE” notification appear in its place. Once you see the red "Live" button, that means you are live and sending the stream from the Backstage to the front Stage.


Click this to turn your video on and off.


Click this to mute and unmute yourself.

Screen sharing

This looks like a computer screen with a line through it. That means it is off. To turn it on, click it, then you will be able to choose your slides or application to present. When you share your slides, your video becomes smaller and sits below the presentation. If you turn off your camera, you will be removed completely from the screen until you turn it back on again.


Backstage chat

To the right, you have the ability to chat privately with anyone in the Backstage using the Backstage chat. You can easily switch between Event chat and Backstage chat to view the attendee conversation while chatting with your speakers on the Backstage.


Other things to note:

  • You can have up to five Speakers on one screen at the Backstage and up to 500 people can follow the Backstage link and watch the preparation for the main Stage event there. These 500 people can watch what is happening backstage with their audio and video turned off. Those people can communicate with each other in the chat area without presenting themselves on the screen.
  • Only one person can share his screen per time. With one person using the screen share option, the screen share icon will be greyed out for the other presenters/speakers. If you have 4 speakers for a session, and one of them decides to share their screen, the Screenshare will be counted as the 5th person.
  • When broadcasting, there's a small delay between the Backstage and the main Stage of about 10-15 seconds. You do not hesitate, however, when you start broadcasting, start speaking. You’ll notice when you ask a question, the chat responses from attendees come in about 10 seconds after you finish asking it. 
  • To avoid the sound echo, please mute all other tabs with sound besides the Backstage. We recommend muting and ignoring the main Stage to stay focused on your presentation in the backstage. You can still monitor and respond to questions from attendees in the Event chat tab.
  • You're able to mute a speaker's audio for everyone, but note that only the speaker will be able to unmute himself.
Tip: Please share the Backstage link wisely to prevent trolls or irrelevant people from accessing the Backstage of your event.


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