How to create event polls

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Your attendees will love engaging with custom polls related to your event's content. Here's what you need to know:

The Basics

  • Only event Organizers and Moderators can create, hide, or delete polls.
    -Organizers can control polls at any level of the event (event, stage,session, expo)
    -Moderators can control polls within their moderated session or expo booth
  • Polls can be specific to a particular Session, Expo or event-wide.
  • You can create a poll in any area of the event except the Backstage.
  • Attendees are allowed to vote once per poll.
  • If you create polls before your event starts and attendees land on your event’s Reception Page, they can vote on the pre-created polls before your event begins.
  • Polls can be created anytime during the event. Once created the poll will go live immediately. You can choose to hide the results from your attendees and delete them at any time.
  • Character limit for poll questions: 200
  • Character limit for poll options: 100
  • Limit for number of poll options: unlimited

Creating polls


Head over to the Polls tab on panel on the right hand side and click Create a poll.

Note: You can also create a Poll within a specific Session or Expo Booth, just head over to the Event area and follow the same process as above. 


A new panel will open where you can enter the question you would like to ask, as well as the options you would like to be available to choose from. 


If you would like the poll to be published now, simply click Publish poll.

Schedule a poll for later

Alternatively, you can choose when you would like the Poll to be published or if you would like to save it as a draft:

  • As draft - this can only be viewed by Organizers and Moderators and can be edited and published at a later time
  • Now (default) - the poll will be published immediately
  • Schedule -  you can set the date and time you would like the poll to be published


If you select As draft or Schedule you will see a label next to the poll in the tab to say "Only visible to admins" or "Scheduled for..."


Advanced settings

Advanced settings bring more controls to Polls at your event.

While creating a new Poll click on the Show advanced settings menu.


  • Select the visibility for the vote results, you can choose between:
    • Public - this means that all attendees will be able to see the poll results
    • Visible to organizers and speakers - this means that only the organizers and speakers can see the poll results (examples below) poll_results_visible_hidden.png
  • Restrict voting to certain ticket types only. This means you can choose which ticket types can vote for certain polls. Simply select which ticket types you would like to include from the drop down menu. 
Note: If you want to create polls before your event starts, you must preview your event by visiting your event Registration page, registering for your event, and clicking Preview event. If your event has not started yet, you’ll be taken to your event's Reception Page.

How will the attendees know that there is a poll?

Attendees will now receive a notification when a new poll is posted! It will be displayed in the top right hand corner of their screen. When they hover over the notification, they will see an option to Dismiss the poll or Vote now. The latter will take the attendee to the poll where they can cast their vote!


Poll data

You can view the responses to your polls directly in each event area by clicking Show Results in the specific poll section.


Alternatively, Organizers can check live poll results by going to their Event Dashboard > Analytics > View Polls.


Here, you can view and Download the Poll results at your event. You can also download the Poll Results Report for further analysis!

To do more with polls, check out our guide on Slido Integration.

Disabling event-wide/segment polls

To disable the poll tab of the event/segment, please see this guide for the instructions. 


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