How to add speakers to your event on Hopin

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Adding Speakers brings more structure and makes the event more informative to the attendees.

Here is what you need to do to add Speakers:

  • Click the People tab on the left sidebar of your event dashboard and then Speaker
  • Now you have two options to add speakers: Create a Speaker Profile or Add Attendee as Speaker


Create a Speaker Profile

Clicking the Create a Speaker Profile button will open a modal for you to populate with the following fields.

Once you have entered the profile information you have two options. “Create profile” and “Create profile and register”. By registering the speaker you will be creating a Hopin account for them, and giving them access to the event. More details on this here [add link to Registering a speaker]. If you’re not ready to do this yet you can just create the Speaker profile and register them for the event later.




  • Profile Picture
  • First name (required)
  • Last name (required)
  • Email (required)
  • Headline
  • Website Link
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

Once the speaker profile has been saved, that speaker will automatically be displayed in the speaker section of the event’s registration page. They can also be assigned to schedule segments in the schedule view.


Organizers are also able to add these speaker profiles to any scheduled segment.




Add Attendee as Speaker

If you'd like to add an already registered attendee as a speaker to your event, then this option is best. Click the Add attendee as speaker button and enter their name into the Select Speaker field. image5.png

Note: Your speakers must be registered for your event with a ticket in order to be selected as a Speaker. If they have registered for the event already, their name will come up automatically as you type. Only one speaker at a time can be added.

Add the speaker Headline with 100 characters max and click Save for the changes to take effect.

Adding a Speaker from the schedule

You can also create a speaker directly from the schedule when creating a new segment or editing an existing one. This can save you some time from going back and forth if you happen to forget some. 

Head to your schedule page by navigating through Event Dashboard > Venue > Schedule and open the segment you would like to add a speaker to or click Add to schedule.creating_speaker_in_sched.png Scroll down the page until you see the "Speaker" heading, where you can start typing in the name of your speaker. If you have not added the name to your speaker list already, it will give you the option to create the speaker profile. Click on Create "Speaker Name" to make a new profile.creating_speaker_in_sched_2.png

You will now see a page where you can input your speaker's details. Don't forget to hit Save once you've finished!  


You can finish creating or editing your schedule segment and then click Save. 

Now, if you navigate to Event Dashboard > People > Speakers you will also see your new speaker there, too, where you can edit and remove them. creating_speaker_in_sched_4.png


Registering a speaker

As an Organizer you are able to register a Speaker for your event on their behalf. If the speaker doesn’t already have a Hopin account this will create one for them. You can register the speaker in one of two ways:

  • When creating the speaker profile as outlined in #Create a Speaker Profile
  • At a later date by selecting the Register action on the speaker listing


Note: To register a speaker on their behalf the speaker needs to be assigned a free ticket. If you want to use a non-free ticket for speakers then you can get the Speaker to register for the event separately and then use #Add attendee as speaker to make them a speaker.


Emails received

If you register a speaker for your event they will receive notification that a Hopin account has been created for them if they didn’t already have a Hopin account.


Need to know:  You cannot disable or edit the "an account has been created for you" email. This email is mandatory under different privacy laws and cannot be stopped. This email will only be sent to those who do not have a Hopin account.


The speaker will also receive a “Thank you for registering” email which will give them a link to the event. Note that this event link will take the speaker to the event reception from which they can access the whole event prior to the event start.


Add a registrant as speaker

If your speaker has already registered to attend the event then you can make them a speaker with the “Add registrant as speaker” option. On the Speaker page click the Add registrant as speaker button and search for the individual using their name. When you select the individual you will see their Personal profile information from their exiting Hopin account. By default these fields will be copied into their Speaker profile. As the Organizer you can edit the speaker profile fields but these changes will not be reflected in the individuals personal profile.

Note: If you duplicate an event with registered speakers then the speaker profiles will be copied to the new event however the speakers wont automatically be registered. They can be registered by the organizer by following the instructions in #Register a speaker


Adding a speaker from the schedule

It is also possible to create a Speaker profile directly from the schedule. When editing a schedule segment you can see a “Speakers” section. Typing the name of a speaker will allow you to select a pre-existing speaker, or “Create” a new one. If you select “Create” you will be able to fill in the speaker details. Clicking “Add” will create the speaker and assign them to that segment. If the email address entered matches that of an existing event registrant then that user is automatically made a speaker. If you wish to register the speaker on their behalf, head over to the speaker page and follow the instructions in #Register a speaker.


Understanding Speakers profiles and Personal profiles

Every user on the Hopin platform has a Personal profile. This is shown when the user’s avatar is selected in an event, and is shared across Hopin events. It is owned by the user and can only be edited by them.

Event Speakers have a Speaker profile. This is associated with a single event and is owned by the event organizer. These values are shown in the event registration page, reception page and schedule. They can only be edited by event organizers.

When an organizer registers a speaker and in doing so creates a Hopin account for the speaker, only the first name, last name and email from the speaker profile fields are copied to the speaker’s Personal profile.

When an organizer selects an existing event registrant to be a speaker in the event the speaker’s Personal profile fields are copied to the new Speaker profile.

The Speaker and Personal profile fields are not automatically synced.


That’s it! The speaker has been added and will now be displayed on the Reception page of your event,. Speaker information is visible to the attendees when there is no live video on the Stage.

Check our Backstage tutorial and Stage tutorial for more insights on how to make the most of the stage segment at your event.


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