Understanding Customizable Content Area and Additional Information

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Customizable Content Area is a powerful tool that brings experience from content to a whole new level: embedding widgets, videos, hyperlinks, file downloads, or extensive descriptions.

Event Organizers can utilize file sharing, organize pdf downloads, embed media content for the Reception page, as well as the event segments: Stage, unlimited Sessions, and unlimited expo Booths.

Types of customizations supported

  • Multiple heading elements (H1-H3, paragraph)
  • Bold, italic, underline, strikethrough formatting
  • Adding color to the text
  • Turning text to a hyperlink
  • Bulleted lists
  • Numbered lists
  • Inserting images stored on your computer
  • Block quotes
  • Inserting media as the URL (links will generate a preview for most popular media: GIFs, social media posts, Spotify, Youtube, Google Maps, etc.)

Note: Please make sure that the links you add are public for the preview to generate correctly. Once you add the URL to the Content Area, the preview will generate automatically for all supported media types.

Customizing the Reception page

The Reception page of an event can contain multiple types of media content, hyperlinks, and Rich Text - you name it!

How to access the Content Area


Once the event is created, Organizers should:

  • Open the event dashboard
  • Navigate to Setup > Venue > Reception 
  • Fill out the Welcome Message section for the Reception page
  • Click the Save button for changes to take effect

How attendees will see the Content Area


Once saved, the attendees will see your custom Welcome message on the Reception page. 

Customizing Stage, Sessions, and Expo Booths

With Additional information for Stage, Sessions, and Expo Booths the video area becomes scrollable and also displays multiple types of media content, hyperlinks, and Rich Text about your event segment.


How to access the Additional information

Additional information can be added to the following event segments: Stage, Sessions, Expo.

Once the event is created, organizers should:

  • Open the event dashboard
  • Navigate to the Venue tab > select a segment (Stage, Sessions, Expo) where Additional information will be displayed
  • Fill out the description with Rich Text, hyperlinks, bulleted or numbered lists, quotes, images from your computer or media via the public URL
  • Click the Save button for changes to take effect

How attendees will see the Additional information


Once Additional information is added, event attendees will see the Show more information button at the center of the segment, in our example we are in a session. Clicking the button will open an extra view and display Additional information below the segment.

Extra tips

  • The Content Area for the Reception page, as well as Additional information for Stage, Sessions, and Expo can be adjusted by Organizers any time before or during the event
  • Successful Organizers add YouTube links, promo PDFs from any cloud storage, social media links, location on Google Maps, and Spotify playlist links
  • Images added as files from your computer can be resized, and left, center, or right-aligned, or you can add alt text
  • In case you want to revert the formatting applied, simply use keyboard combinations Ctrl + Z on Windows or command + Z on macOS

List of embeddable services

  • Presentations: Google Slides, Prezi, Slideshare.net, Slides.com, Slideserve.com, slide.ly.
  • Photo/PDF/Files: Google Drive, Dropbox, Imgur, Wiredrive, Workdrive by Zoho
  • Video embeds: Streamable, Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, Archive.org
  • Embed live streams: Twitch, Castr.io, Livestream, Vimeo, LinkedIn Live
  • Social feeds: Twitter, Instagram (only posts, videos, and reels, no profiles), Facebook, TikTok
  • Calendars and Scheduling: Airtable, Google Calendar, Calendly
  • Forms and surveys: 123formbuilder.com, Mentimeter, Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, Cognito Forms
  • Fun and Games: BrainyQuote, Kahoot!, Sporcle, Quizlet
  • Music and Playlists: Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Stitcher, Amazon Music

Note: The list above is an extract of the best tools available on iFrame.ly, the service we use to embed media in areas described above. For a complete list of supported embeds check the following URL: https://iframe.ly/domains.json.


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