How to create a Schedule for an event

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Schedules provide a clean structure and source of information for your attendees to know what’s happening during the event, where they should be, and when.

When you create a schedule, it automatically appears on your event’s Registration page and Reception page.

To create a schedule, click the Venue > Schedule tab on the left menu of the event dashboard. Below are the available options:

  • Add to Schedule (manually)
  • Upload CSV (to upload a schedule CSV file)

More details about them below.

Add a schedule manually

To add a schedule manually, click the Add to Schedule button and fill in all the information in the modal.


A schedule requires the following information:

  • Session type (Choose from the dropdown between Stage, Session, Networking, Expo, Replay, External URL, Custom Area [Enterprise plans only]), or Break
  • The next field will be either Stage, Session, Networking, Expo, External URL, Custom Area, or Break depending on the previous selection (Select the actual stages or sessions, etc., from the dropdown). Note: you could use the External URL option if you would like to direct your attendees to another event outside of Hopin or if would like them to complete an additional activity
  • Title (Add a title for the schedule)
  • Description (Add a description for the schedule using our rich text editor where you can bold, italicize, underline or strikethrough text, add hyperlinks, and create lists)
  • Start (Start date and time)
  • End (End date and time)
  • Speaker(s) (If any added to the event you'll be able to select them)
  • Tags (Search or create new to add tags)
  • Attendance (regular or recommended)


Upload a schedule CSV

If you'd like to import a schedule via CSV file upload, click on the Upload button. To view the sample template, click on the Download CSV Template button. You can fill in the information for your schedule using this template and save it. Once completed, upload the file back into Hopin and finally click on Import.


Tip: Things to note when uploading schedule CSVs.

The next thing to do is to map the fields from your CSV to the schedule template on the event dashboard. If the fields do not match automatically, click the dropdown button and select the match for each column of your CSV. Once done, click Confirm fields


Next, confirm the date and time format in your CSV file. That's it! 


What if I want to upload another Schedule CSV? 

If you want to upload another schedule CSV when a schedule already exists, simply follow the same steps as stated above. You will then get a pop-up box with a message that says a schedule already exists.

Click Append to Schedule to keep all the existing schedule items as well as the items from the new CSV you're uploading. Click Replace Schedule to replace the existing schedule items with the new one you're uploading. 


What happens when I have a schedule for an event?

With a Schedule, Hopin will automatically add a "way-finding" indicator to the area icons on the left of your event (i.e., Stage, Sessions, Networking…) to let your attendees know what’s going on.

Hopin reads your Schedule and attaches the red NOW tag to the currently scheduled areas of your event. A 'What's happening now' section on the reception page also displays the current segments happening per time.


Can I add breaks to my schedule? 

Breaks are useful to add to your schedule so that your attendees can easily plan their day. Adding a break simply blocks out that period of time on your schedule. 

If you try to add a break to your schedule where a segment already exists, you will be shown an error message. You will be unable to continue until you have removed the existing segment or changed the time of the proposed break. break_to_schedule_1.png

If you want to create a new segment that conflicts with an existing break segment then a message will be displayed to let you know that the break will be removed and replaced if you choose to continue. 


Once a break is added to your schedule it will be displayed on the Reception page of your event, as well as in the calendar icon within the top banner. 


Note: attendees will not be able to add the scheduled break to their agendas. 

Can I edit my schedule?

You can edit your schedule in many ways before your event, or even when your event is live. You may need to do this if a speaker cancels, if a segment runs over, or perhaps you have simply changed your mind about something!

To find out how to edit your schedule, check out our guide.

Other things to note

  • Organizers now have the ability to generate the embed code via iFrame for their event's schedules and can embed this code on third-party websites to have the schedule pulled up (Advanced plans only). Find out more here. 
  • If you have added speakers to your event, you are able to add them to specific scheduled segments. This will display their profile pic, name, and headline in the schedule throughout your event.
  • By default, scheduled sessions do not show up on the sessions tab of the event until 5 minutes before the scheduled time. Organizers are able to access the sessions via the link on the event dashboard at any time. 
  • You cannot add the same session to two different segments in the schedule. If you do this then whichever segment with the specific session is saved last will override the previous one which will not appear as live during the event.
  • If the scheduled time for the session/stage is over, the session/stage will still be live and won't get cut off. Even though no one will be kicked out when the scheduled segment is over, the scheduled sessions will disappear from the sessions tab 5 minutes after the scheduled end time, unless specified otherwise. 
  • Attendees can view the list of previous sessions by clicking Show past segments at the Reception area of the event.


Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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