Connections: Where to find people you’ve connected with during Networking

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During Hopin’s Networking segment, matched participants will have the opportunity to exchange contact information by clicking on the 'Connect' button. Attendees can view these connections even after the event has finished, and contact them with the details provided on their profile. 


If both parties choose to connect, their contact information will be exchanged and saved in their home page in the Connections tab.

From there, depending on the details provided by the Attendee on their Profile page, you’ll be able to get in touch by clicking on the icons underneath their name.


Tip: Make sure to add the preferred details to your profile to let other connections easily find you after the event. Check out this guide on how to edit your profile details.

How to remove a Connection

If you would like to remove a connection from your account so you can no longer contact them, find their name on your Home Page > Connection tab. Click the 3 dots next to their name and click Unmatch.


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