Image Size and GIF File Dimensions

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Below is a list of dimensions for images and GIFs that should be uploaded to your event to get the best experience. Please read carefully the bullet points below before you start uploading your images:

  • The maximum size of image and GIF files is 2MB. Files over 2MB will not save
  • Make sure to keep file sizes relatively small (ideally less than 1MB, the smaller the better) to avoid having event pages with a lot of images/logos loading slowly for attendees with poor internet connections
  • Pay attention when loading speaker profile images as they are usually provided by the speakers themselves and can be high-resolution professional photographs, make sure you reduce the file size before uploading, according to the limits above
  • Try using .png, .jpg, .jpeg or .gif image files (double check the extension in the file name is right)
  • Make sure to have important information center-aligned (outside the safe area, more info below)
  • To help you out, we recommend downloading the Hopin image specs or find the templates on Figma (they include the safe area), these are great to design or proof-check your own images
  • You can also use to see how your images will be displayed when sharing to your social media platforms. 
Note: The image templates include a safe area (in green) to keep in consideration when your images contain text or graphic elements, these should be positioned towards the center of the image (outside the safe area) to avoid content being cut off when displayed on the event pages.
Tip: check our User Manual series to get started with Hopin the right way.

Event banner

  • Recommended size: 1500x600px (5:2 aspect ratio)
  • Minimum size: 800x320px
  • Used in: Registration, Reception page, Background for the Stage that is not live yet

Event Logo

  • Recommended size: 1:1 aspect ratio 
  • Maximum 2MB

Sessions banner

Large Session

  • Large Session Recommended: 1500 x 625px (2.40:1 aspect ratio)
  • Minimum size: 1000 x 415px
  • Used in: Large-sized sessions

Medium Session

  • Recommended: 1500x600px (5:2 aspect ratio)
  • Minimum size: 800x320px
  • Used in: Medium-sized sessions

Expo banner

Large Booth

  • Recommended size: 2000 x 500px (4:1 aspect ratio)
  • Minimum size: 1000 x 250px
  • Used in: Large-sized Expo Booths

Medium Booth

  • Recommended size: 1500 x 750px (2:1 aspect ratio)
  • Minimum size: 1000 x 500px
  • Used in: Medium-sized Expo Booths

Small Booth

  • Recommended: 1500x1000px (3:2 aspect ratio)
  • Minimum size: 1000 x 670px
  • Used in: Small-sized Expo Booths
Note: We recommend grouping Booths within sizes first (then priorities).

E.g. Large 900 → Large 800 → Medium 900 → Medium 800 → Small 900 → Small → 800. Otherwise the booth cards will have different heights. Also note Mini Booths don't allow for a background image, they can only have a logo. 

Sponsor logos

  • Recommended: 1000x400px
  • Minimum: 500x200px
  • Used in: Registration, Reception page

Vendor logo

  • Recommended: 1080x1080px
  • Used in: Expo segment and is consistent across all booth sizes (large, medium, small and mini)

Speaker Profile picture

  • Recommended: 100x100px to 800x800px
  • Used in: Speaker Profile pictures across the platform

Company logo and attendee Profile picture

  • Recommended: 100x100px
  • Used in: event Organizer logo, attendee Profile pictures across the platform

Canvas Images

  • Recommended: When adding images, be sure to look out for the specified image format and size on the right side of the canvas page builder. This is because each theme has its own image specifications  Screenshot_2021-09-19_at_11.04.05.png
  • Used in: Setting up an event registration page using Hopin Canvas


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