An Overview of the Organization Dashboard

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The Organization Dashboard gives a quick summary of your organization, its profile, and events hosted by it. This article breaks down each segment of the dashboard and details what you need to know to navigate through.

How to access the organization dashboard

To access your organization dashboard, log into your Hopin account, and click on your desired organization on the left side. Once you do that, you are met with the overview page of that specific organization's dashboard. Find below a brief description of each tab.


  • Create Event: Here you can create a new event.
  • Your Plan: A section containing your current subscription plan and the number of registrations you have used up on the plan.
  • Your upcoming events: A list of all your upcoming events including the dates, number of registrations and the status of the event. Clicking on 'view all events' at the bottom of the page takes you to the Events page with all your upcoming and past events. 

Events: Find all the events hosted by the organization in this section. You can create new events using the Create event button. You can also Duplicate or Delete an event, as well as view its Reports by clicking on the three-dots at the right side of the event and selecting the desired option accordingly.


Attendees: This area allows you to view and export attendees’ information across all hosted events for your Organization. You can use the Export as CSV button to download the overall Attendee list.


Profile: Here, you can edit your organization profile. Update the Organization name, email, avatar, cover image and social media profiles.


Integrations: A list of all available integrations to your account. You can also enable or disable them here.


Billing: Here you can manage your account’s billing details. This section shows you your current subscription plan, the number of registrations used up on your account, as well as your accrued registrations from the previous billing period. You can also add your Stripe account to sell paid tickets by clicking the Connect with Stripe button. Find out more about managing your Starter and Growth subscriptions.


Team: This section allows you to add new team members to your organization as well as manage them. These team members will have access to create and manage events hosted by the organization.



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