How do I know who's at this event?

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Attendees can view the list of people registered at the event from the People tab.

Tip: Organizers can download the list of attendees from the Event Dashboard > People > Registrants tab, or check out the Attendees Report.


  • Open the People tab at the top right corner of the event page
  • Scroll the entire list of attendees or type to search for a specific person
  • Use Filters next to the Search field to segment the attendees by Organisers, Speakers, or My Connections (connections you have made while Networking on previous events)


Once you click on the attendee from the People tab, you will be able to:

  • Send a Direct message
  • View the attendee Contact details (if filled in on the Attendee Profile page)
  • Invite to video call (If enabled by the organizer) 
  • Schedule 1:1 meetings with other attendees
    • The video call link can be shared with up to 19 other attendees for a private group video call.
Tip: Once the other attendee accepts your request you will be able to have a video call.
Note: Enable the People Area and head over to the Venue→ People Area tab of the event dashboard to turn on/off the Attendee Visibility.



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