How to add Google Analytics to your event

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You can get additional data reports on the activity of attendees within your live event hosted on Hopin by adding Google Analytics.

To add Google Analytics

- Create a property on your Google Analytics account


- Expand the advanced options and type your event URL in the Website URL field and continue.


- Copy the Tracking Id from Google Analytics account


- Open your Event dashboard on the Events page

- Open the Advanced → Marketing tab on your Event Dashboard and paste the Tracking Id to the Google Analytics Tracking Code field

- Click Save for changes to take effect


When your event is live, data will populate in your GA dashboard. Google Analytics will track the visits on every page of your event. 

How to verify your Google Analytics Tag is working

Verify that your tag is working

Once you have successfully installed the Analytics tag, it can take up to 24 hours for data such as traffic-referral information, user characteristics, and browsing information to appear in your reports. However, you can check your web-tracking setup immediately.

Troubleshoot your tag setup

If you're not seeing any data, or not seeing the data you expect, you can use the troubleshooter to identify and resolve problems.

For more info, see here.

Access your Google Analytics reports

You can learn more on how to create and access Google Analytics reports here.

Advanced Hopin Analytics

You will get better insights and information about your events by using Hopin's own analytics and reporting. An Advanced Analytics package is also available on our Hopin advanced plans. They provide in-depth reports and statistics about attendees and their interactions within the event. To see reports, please navigate to the Analytics Reports tab on your event dashboard.


Find out more about event reports here.


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