Switching from a live video to a pre-recorded video in Expo Booths

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One great advantage of using Hopin for your events is that you can switch from live videos to pre-recorded videos across the major video segments of Hopin: Stage, Sessions or Expo. This guide will show you how to do that in Expo Booths.

Method 1

Create a session in the booth and select a fallback provider. Once the Booth content provider is set to Session the Fallback provider option will become available.


The Fallback Provider is a video from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or Google Slides that are displayed while there is no one live on the Booth set to Session.

Organizers or Moderators can toggle the Fallback provider ON or OFF any time. Toggling the Fallback provider ON switches the stream from a live video session to a prerecorded video.


Method 2

You can change the content provider of the booth from a session to a video hosted on Youtube, Wistia or Vimeo. With this, attendees have to click play to watch the video.


That's it!


Feel free to reach out to us at support@hopin.com in case you have questions or need assistance.

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