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During a presentation hosted on Hopin, not all attendees get the chance to hop on camera and ask their questions. While the chat area may be a great way to share queries, the Q&A feature is an even better way to do it!

You can find the Q&A feature in all segments of the event except Networking.

To ask a question as an attendee

  • Go to your desired event segment e.g session.
  • Click on the Q&A tab
  • Click the ask a question button and type in your question.

Note: Attendees can ask up to 500 questions per event segment. 

  • You can choose to be anonymous by using the ask anonymously toggle button.
  • Don’t forget to click the ask button to post your question.

Who can answer a question?

Moderators, speakers and organizers are able to reply to a question by clicking the reply icon. 

Note: Moderators can only reply to questions in their Sessions and not in other areas of the Event. 


Note: Questions and answers are limited to 200 characters.

Can organizers moderate Q&A?

Yes, there is a global moderation setting in events for Q&A, which allows organizers to make all questions in Q&A for the event either moderated or un-moderated. When the moderation feature is turned on, questions from attendees will have to be reviewed by admins/organizers/moderators before they are displayed live for everyone to see.


Click the approve button to approve the question to be displayed for everyone. 


You can enable/disable Q&A moderation in Event Dashboard > Venue > Venue Controls. 


Note: Assigned moderators for a specific session or booth are also allowed to approve, reply, and delete Q&A submissions (within that session/booth). Only organizers can approve, reply, delete Event Q&A submissions.

Are organizers able to access reports of Q&A?

To access reports for the Q&A, please go to the Event Dashboard > Analytics > Report, find the Questions and Answers report and click Generate.
The report contains the questions, the questioner, the number of upvotes on each question, the response, the respondent, the time the questions were asked, the time the questions were responded to and if the question was removed by the organizer. 

Other things to note

Attendees can upvote each question once by using the upvote button. To remove the upvote, simply click the upvote button again.


Organizers and moderators are able to delete all questions and answers but attendees are only able to delete theirs.
Note: Attendees can't delete their questions if they asked anonymously.


To remove questions in bulk (e.g when a new segment is starting), you can use the three-dot menu and choose 'Select questions' to remove multiple questions at a time. 


Filter options include - All Questions, My Questions, Latest and Popular.


To disable the Q&A feature across the event and within segments of the event, please see this guide.

You can also make use of our Slido integration for your Q&A sessions.


Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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