Enabling 1:1 video meetings for attendees

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By enabling the attendee video call feature, attendees are able to initiate one-on-one video calls with other attendees through the People tab. By default, this feature will be enabled for all attendees when setting up your event. 

Note: This option is different from the regular networking segment of the event. Enabling or disabling this setting does not affect the Networking segment of the event. It just means that attendees will be able to initiate video calls when they select a user through the People tab.


To enable or disable this feature, make sure you have the People area (Event Dashboard > Setup > Basics). Once this has been enabled, go to your Event Dashboard > Venue > People Area and look for the heading "Attendee actions". Turn on the toggle for "Start instant video call" and click Save.


If the feature is disabled, attendees will not see the Invite to video call button when they select a user through the People tab.


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