How to change event URL and sharing snippet

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Organizers can market and track their event through the event URL, social media, and the use of Google Analytics.

Custom Event Address

To create a custom URL for your event, go to your Event Dashboard > Setup > Basics > Advanced settings and find the heading titled "Custom event address". Change the URL to the desired one (so long as it is unique and not in use by any other event) then hit Save for the changes to take effect.


When changing the event URL, be sure to update your attendees about the change as the old event URL will produce an error. You can make use of the in-built email feature to send out the information.

Sharing Snippet

The sharing snippet is a preview of your event page that is shown when it is shared on social media or viewed on a search engine. Instead of a simple link, users get additional information about the content behind the link.

For example:


To add a sharing snippet for your event, go to your Event Dashboard > Marketing > Sharing and Tracking and then add your text under the heading "Sharing Snippet"


Google Analytics

Although Hopin provides reports for each event, you can get additional reports on the activity of your attendees within your event by adding Google Analytics.

To add your Google Analytics Tracking code, go to your Event Dashboard > Advanced > Marketing > Tracking code > Save



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