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The Growth pricing plan is a mid-tier plan that caters to customers desiring more advanced tools for event setup and management such as advanced event branding, setup and email customizations, while also desiring the ability to onboard a larger team of Organizer Admins to manage events powered by Hopin.

The Growth pricing plan can be purchased either as a monthly plan at $799/month or as an annual plan for $8,000/year. 

Learn more about our pricing plans here.

Asides from the regular features available on all plans, the Growth plan also comes with:

To upgrade to the Growth Monthly plan:

1. Log into your Hopin account at

2. Click on the Billing tab.


3. Scroll down, select monthly billing and click Upgrade under the Growth plan tile.

image2.png image3.png

4. Select Proceed to Checkout on the pop-up window.


5. Fill out the required information, including your payment option.

6. You are all set!

Upgrading to Growth Annual

1. Log in to your Hopin account at

2. Click on the Billing tab.


3. Select Annual Billing and click Upgrade under the Growth plan tile.


4. Complete payment details.

How to Cancel the Growth Monthly Plan:

1. Log in to your Hopin account at

2. Select your organization on the left side and click on the Billing tab.


3. Scroll down and click Manage Subscription


4. Click on the right arrow on the subscription details window.


5. Click on Cancel Subscription.

Note: Cancelling your subscription will revert your subscription back to a Free Plan and access to data and recordings will be removed.

What if I'm upgrading from the Starter monthly plan to the Growth month plan?

If you upgrade from the Starter monthly plan to the Growth monthly plan, you will receive a credit (if you have any days left on the Starter plan) and stay on the same billing cycle for the Growth plan. 

Key things to know:

  • The monthly Growth Plan includes 100 registrations per month for 5 Organizers + $99 per month per Organizer - for any additional organizers not included in the initial 5 seats.
  • The annual Growth Plan includes 1,200 registrations per year for 5 Organizers + $999 per year per Organizer - for any additional Organizers not included in the initial 5 seats.
  • Any registrations beyond 100 for the month or 1200 for the year cost $2 per registration. These are billed on the next billing cycle.
  • Additional Organizers can be added and come with 100 registrations for $99 a month. This will cost $999 USD per organizer per year for the annual Growth Plan and includes another 1,200 registrations for each new organizer.
  • Any additional Organizers added once the billing period has started, will only generate a prorated invoice. Registrations will be added in prorated amounts as well.

Example: John D signs up for the monthly Growth plan for $799 on January 1st. He receives 100 included registrations and 5 organizer seats with his plan and his invoice anniversary date falls on the 1st of each month thereafter. John D adds an additional Organizer on January 15th, making it the 6th organizer on his team. He will be invoiced $49.50 on that date and an additional 50 registrations will be added to his total count. On February 1st, John will be invoiced $799 +$99 = $898 and his registrations will refresh to 200.

When upgrading from Monthly to Annual, information about total plan costs, as well as any fees incurred by registration overages during the last month on the monthly plan will be made visible. The organizer will also see how many registrations are expected to be rolled over into their Growth Annual plan from the remaining unused registration balance from their Growth Monthly plan.


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