I can't find my sessions in the event

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When creating your Session you will be asked whether or not you would like to connect your Session to the schedule (Session scheduling) or have it set to Always Open

If your session is linked to a schedule, these sessions are hidden until 5 minutes before the scheduled time, by default. You can update your Session visibility settings from the Setup>Basics page of your Event Dashboard, under Advanced settings


Sessions settings

When creating a session, you can set the Session scheduling settings based on whether you would like your Session to always be visible or only during schedule segments. Your options are:

  • Scheduled - you Session will be linked to a schedule segment and only displayed during this time
  • Always open - Attendees can access these Sessions at any time and cannot be linked to schedule segments


If you have selected your Session to be "Scheduled" you will still need to link it to a specific Schedule segment when creating your Schedule. Check out this guide on how to build your Schedule.


The schedule is then displayed on the registration and reception pages for your attendees to know what's happening per time.

The Registration page of a live event is shown below, select the Schedule tab.

Screenshot_2021-09-10_at_16.28.22.png Here, you will see your Schedule as well as any Sessions or Stages linked to them.  Screenshot_2021-05-02_at_12.14.56.png Also, for every scheduled segment, a NOW "way-finder" is displayed boldly at the segment area for the attendees to know where and what's happening. Below is the view from the Reception section. In this case, you can either select Sessions on the left navigation bar or click the Visit Sessions button to find a live session. Screenshot_2021-05-02_at_12.19.00.png

How do I remove a session from the schedule?

To remove a session from the schedule to make it available throughout your event, you will need to go to the back end of your event to make the required edits. 

Go to your Event Dashboard > Venue > Schedule and find the session that you would like to remove. Click the 3 dots on the right-hand side of the scheduled segment and select Remove. 


A pop-up should appear to confirm your choice, select OK and the segment will be removed. 

Alternatively, you can edit a Session directly by heading to Event Dashboard > Venue > Session and selecting the Session you would like to edit. 

Here, under "Session scheduling" click the option that is called Always Open. 


If a Session is linked to your Schedule, you will be asked what you would like to happen to the associated Schedule segments. Select whether you would like them to be removed or if you would like for them to remain in the Schedule, without the Session linked. 


Now, what if I'd like my speakers and moderators to rehearse before the Session's start time?

The best thing to do here is to get the direct link of the session and send that over to your speakers. Organizers are able to access the sessions via the link on the event dashboard at any time.

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