I added sponsors but can't find them on the reception or registration page

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Once added to the Sponsors tab, Organizers still need to add Sponsors to the Registration and Reception pages individually.

Note: If sponsors are added to the Reception page, they will only be displayed on the Reception page, not the Registration page, and vice versa.

Adding Sponsors to the Registration page

To add the Sponsors to the Registration page, go to your Event Dashboard > Registrations > Registration page.

You can either select the Hopin Default option > Edit page > Sponsor area and add in your Sponsors.


Alternatively, you can choose the Canvas Registration page. When editing the page, select Sponsors from the panel on the left hand side and click Import sponsors.


Adding sponsors to the Reception page

For the reception page, go to the Event Dashboard > Venue > Reception > Sponsor area. 


Don’t forget to hit Save.

Tip: For more info on adding sponsors to your event, check out this guide.


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