Setting up Attendee controls and visibility for an event

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Organizers are now able to control the event experience for their attendees by managing the permissions throughout the event.

By setting up the People Area, you will automatically enable Attendee Visibility. To set this up, go to your Event Dashboard > Setup > Basics page and tick the box for "People" under the heading "Event areas".


Now, you can go to your Event Dashboard > Venue > Venue Controls page and continue adjusting the settings for Attendee actions and visibility.


These settings include:

  • Direct messages: Attendees can message each other directly
  • Schedule meetings: Attendees can schedule and view meetings with each other on their agenda
  • Start instant video call: Attendees can start one-on-one instant video calls with each other
  • Attendee Visibility: turn on the "show people list" so that attendees will be able to see the number of other event participants (see "Note" below)
  • My Agenda: Attendees can create a personal agenda from the event schedule
  • Instant commands: allow attendees to send gifs in the chat
Note: The People count refers to the number of people displayed at the top of the right hand panel within an event.


This also include the number of attendees that have registered for an event on the registration page:


What are Attendee Actions?

Once you have configured the settings for the People Area, the Attendees will be able to do the following things, as long as you have enabled them using the settings shown above:

  • Chat privately with attendees - find the user in the people tab and use the send message button to send a private message.
  • Invite attendees to a video call - select the user and click Invite to video call.


  • Schedule a video meeting.
  • Report a user in case of inappropriate behaviour.


  • Mute an attendee - muting a user disables the muted user from sending messages.




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