How to invite Exhibitors to set up and manage an Expo Booth

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Invited Exhibitors (Advanced plans only) are users assigned by the organization admin per expo booth, per event, that have access to their booth settings and can set themselves or a team member as moderators if the expo booth is set to the Session type.

All invited Exhibitors and their moderators need to register for the event in order to access it as they do not automatically become attendees once they accept the invitation. They don't become moderators by default, they need to set themselves to be moderators while creating the booth (or add a team member). They also have access to create polls in their booths, hide and unhide the polls.

To start inviting Exhibitors to build, edit and manage their booths, go to the "Expo" tab and click the 'Invite Exhibitors' button.

Note: You must have created at least one booth to be able to see this button. If you cannot see this option, create a booth and then return to this screen.


Once you click 'Invite Exhibitors', you can start inviting Exhibitors by inputting their email addresses and you will have the option to invite your Exhibitors to build a brand new booth or manage/edit an existing booth that you have already set up.


Tip: Only organizers will have the option to determine the booth's size and priority number. Invited Exhibitors will not have the option to change the size and priority number of their expo booths.

Once you have sent an email to invite your Exhibitor, a list will start populating at the bottom of the page with all the Exhibitors you have invited. You will have the option to re-send the invitations as needed.


Once the Exhibitor has accepted the invitation, the status of their invitation will change from "Resend" to "Registered".

Note: Each Exhibitor has to be assigned to a specific booth, therefore if you delete a booth then any invitations that were assigned to that booth will also be deleted. In this instance, you will have to re-invite any associated Exhibitors to new booths if you would like to them to have access to your event.
Tip: Once they have registered and accepted the invitation, they will be able to begin setting up their booth.

Inviting Exhibitors to Build Their Booth


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