How to customize Magic Link invitation emails

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Magic link invitation email is one of the automated event emails that can be customized in the Event Dashboard > Marketing > Customize Emails tab. 

Things to know about Magic Link invitation emails

As the rest of the event automated emails, Magic link Invitation emails come from '', but the name of the sender will be the Organization’s name.

The email contains an individual Magic Link. No two Magic Links are the same; each is unique for every attendee at every event.

When clicked, a Magic Link will automatically sign up the attendee for a specific event if they already have a Hopin account affiliated with their email address. If a user does not have an existing Hopin account affiliated with their email address, the Magic Link creates a Hopin account for an attendee and, once clicked, registers the attendee for a specific event. Here you can learn more about Magic Links. 

Note: Attendees are not fully registered for the event until they have accepted the Magic Link invitation by clicking the button within the email and following the verification process.



  1. Attendees should keep their Magic Link Invitation email handy in order to sign into their account and bypass the need for an account password with direct access to enter the event.
  2. You can customize your Magic Link Invitation email and insert some verbiage that recommends to keep this email handy to gain access to the event. For example: "This Magic Link Invite email will be your all access pass into the event"
  3. You can re-send Magic Link Invitation emails one day prior to your event to ensure everyone receives a new email with the attendees' existing Magic Link to ensure it is at the top of your attendees' inbox. The email can be resend in the Event Dashboard > People > Magic Link Invites > Manage Invitations by bulk selecting all invites and clicking Send Invite
  4. Ask attendees to check their spam inbox in the likelihood the Magic Link Invitation emails were mistakenly filtered out.

How to edit a Magic Link invite email template

Magic Link Invitations can be customized in the same way as other automated emails in the Event Dashboard > Marketing > Customize Emails. Please refer to this guide to learn more about it. 

When customizing the email make sure to keep the following liquid tag added as a link or hyperlinked to the CAT button. This tag generates an individual Magic Link for every attendee.

Here is a detailed walkthrough on how to customize Magic Link invitation emails. Please note that the video below is based on our old dashboard interface, however, the instructions to customize Magic Link Invite emails are still the same. 



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