Magic Links reports and managing invitations

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In the Event Dashboard, you can see the status of a Magic Link invitation. These will either be listed as invited, not yet invited, declined, or registered. 

However, it is also possible to download a report for Magic Links from the Event Dashboard which will show who accepted their Magic Links and who did not.

To access this report, navigate to your Event Dashboard > People > Magic Links page and in the Manage Invitations tab, select your Magic Link recipients in groups or all at once using the checkboxes. Then click Download Magic Link Invites to generate and download the report.


Once the report is downloaded to your computer, you will get a comprehensive list of all attendees and you will be able to determine whether the attendee has accepted, declined, and used their Magic Link via the column titled used.


In the Manage Invitations tab you will also be able to manage invites. For example, by selecting an invitee, you can:

  • Send Invite (send a new invite in case it's needed)
  • Cancel Invite (to remove the invite)
  • Edit the invitee details with the pencil button on the right (in case they have changed such as their email address)
Note: You cannot edit an invitee once they have registered to your event. 



Things to consider for Declined Magic Link invites as an Organizer

Magic Link invites are very flexible to satisfy different user needs and scenarios. Some further options to keep in mind as an Organizer for Magic Link invitees who have declined their invites are described below.

  • Organizer selects declined Magic Links from the list and sends invitation:
    - Emails for declined invitations are not sent
  • Organizer sends single invite to a user who already had a Magic Link invitation declined:
    - User should not receive an email with an invitation
    - User invitation status will still be displayed as declined
  • Organizer uploads CSV with users who already declined a Magic Link invitation:
    - Emails for declined invitations are not sent
  • Organizer cancels Magic Link invitation which was declined:
    - Magic Link invitation is deleted
    - Organizer can re-send a new invitation


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