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Before we get started, it is important to note that we are unable to support paid tickets in every country. Please check the attachment at the end of the article for a full list of countries that support paid tickets via Stripe.

Here is how Stripe Direct Billing works: 

A customer purchases a ticket through the registration page of an event > The organizer receives the payment in their Stripe account > Organizer pays Stripe processing fee > Organizer pays Hopin platform fees 

Note: The minimum charge amount on Stripe is $0.50 USD or equivalent in you charge currency. Therefore, if you apply promo codes and discounts, the final balance must be above $0.50 USD for it to be processed.

Stripe Charge Ownership

With Stripe Direct, the charges will be created in the organizer’s Stripe account, and we will receive a commission (depending on the organizer’s plan) in Hopin's Stripe account. Stripe calls this the "Hopin application fee".

This means that organizers will be able to see every transaction and ticket purchases in their Stripe account, create receipts for attendees, process refunds on them, and so on.

This is what a charge will look like in an organizer’s Stripe account:


Stripe Fees

Organizers will also pay the Stripe payment processing fee (depending on the country). This means that the Hopin commission is exclusive of Stripe payment fees. These prices are as follows:

Free Starter Growth Advanced
15% 7% 4% 2%
Note: For any Pro, Enterprise, Business or Unlimited price plan: If the Hopin platform fee is 2% or less, we will keep it at its current level of 2% or less. If the platform fee is above 2%, it will be reduced to 2%.

Example: Starter plan customer

Let's take an example of a Starter plan customer with Hopin platform fees of 7%:

  • An attendee buys a ticket at $100
  • Hopin gets $7 (7% fees) and Stripe gets ~2.9% + 30 cents (depending on the country)
  • Organizer gets the rest, e.g. $89.8.

If an Organizer issues a full refund, the entire amount the attendee paid gets refunded which means that the Organizer will incur some losses:

  • The attendee gets $100 back.
  • Hopin and Stripe keep their fees.
  • The organizer has a net sale of -$10.2, to cover the Stripe and Hopin fees, plus the refund.

To learn more about issuing refunds through Stripe, click here or check our refund guide.

Supported Countries

Unfortunately, selling paid tickets currently cannot be supported in all countries on the Hopin platform. Please refer to the attachment below to see if you can sell tickets via Stripe in your country of residence.

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