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Now that you have installed the Hopin Mobile App for Android and learned how to navigate around it's time to check out how to use it in the Networking section of an event. You can also check out how to use the app for Sessions and Expo Booths

Current limitations

The Hopin mobile app is the only recommended way for speakers/attendees with no access to a desktop or laptop computer to go on screen with audio and video. This only works for Networking, Sessions, and Expo Booths (as Sessions), it isn't possible to go on screen on the backstage/stage and we have no ETA on when that will be possible. The Slido functionality is also currently not available as well as other integrations - Snapbar, Interprefy, Twitter, etc.

Note: The Connect feature in Networking is not yet implemented in our Mobile Apps so it will not work.

Please note the app only provides basic functionality at this time and it is aimed mainly at attendees, we strongly advise whenever possible to use a desktop or laptop computer to enjoy the full Hopin experience and functionality.

Additionally, event registration cannot be done within the app at the moment. Only events that you have registered for will be listed on your welcome screen. If you are not registered for an event, you will need to access the event’s registration page with a web browser on any device. Please follow the advice in this article in regards to supported browsers/devices for our website.

Note: If speakers/presenters are sharing a YouTube video in a session, currently it will not display for mobile app users. This may change in the near future and we will update this document accordingly.

How to use Networking on Android

Once you have entered an event you can access the Networking section either from the app sidebar or by clicking on the Networking button under 'Explore' when in 'Reception'.

SideBar.png  ExploreNetworking.png

You will then be presented with the following screen, simply click the 'Start networking' button.


Then click 'Allow Camera and Microphone' to grant the required app permissions.


Click 'Allow' to grant access to the camera.


Click 'Allow' to grant access to the microphone.


This will allow you to join the meeting with both your camera and microphone. You are now able to be matched with another attendee live on camera.


If no one is available you will be presented with a prompt giving you the option to 'Leave Networking' or to keep trying for a match if you select the 'X' button in the same prompt.


Once a match is found, the screen will display 'Connecting...' and you are presented with the profile picture and name of your match at the bottom left. If you wish to skip this match you can click on the 'X' button at the top right/left of the screen within a few seconds, if you wait any longer the meeting will automatically start. You will then be redirected to a new 'Start Networking' session, as above. You can also 'Report' the user if you wish with the button at the bottom right.


NOTE: You can only be matched with the same person once during the event duration, even if it lasts multiple days.

Once the meeting starts you'll be able to see the other participant on screen.


Here you can disable the camera, microphone, and even leave the meeting by clicking one of the three buttons on the top right at any time. From the left, they are: camera, microphone, and leave meeting.


You can also see a timer under the user name measuring how long before the meeting ends.


When approaching the end of the meeting, a pop-up will prompt to 'Extend meeting' if you wish, otherwise simply click the 'X' button in the same prompt to skip.


Once the timer reaches zero the meeting will end automatically and you'll be put in the queue to join another meeting with a new match, and so on. This will continue until there are no participants left to match with or you leave the networking area by clicking the 'X' button at the top right. 


If you experience any issues with your microphone or camera during Networking please check out our Android troubleshooting guide.


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