Integrating Cvent with Hopin

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Which plans is the Hopin<>Cvent integration currently available on?

The Cvent integration is available on Hopin's Business and Enterprise plans.

What are the capabilities of the Hopin<>Cvent integration?

Currently, our integration with Cvent supports:

1. Importing registrations from your Cvent events: When someone registers to your event on Cvent, we import these registrations (including all custom fields) into Hopin as Magic Link invitations.

2. Pushing magic links from Hopin to Cvent: If you wish to send your emails from Cvent, you can specify the field on your registration object that should receive Hopin's magic link.

3. Automatically export the attendees status from Hopin to Cvent when participants join the event on Hopin.

Note: If you are using Cvent to send your magic links, the Magic Links/Manage Invitations tab in the Event Dashboard will not update the ticket status to Invited. You will need to use Cvent to track if you have sent the invitations. However, once a registrant accepts their magic link, their Hopin magic link status will change to Registered.

How often does the Hopin<>Cvent integration sync?

The integration syncs once an hour. This is required due to API rate limiting on Cvent's side.

How to set up the Cvent Integration

To set-up the integration with Cvent, you will need:

  • Your event account ID

  • A Cvent API user configured on your account:

    • The username for that user
    • The password for that user

    Note: Make sure you are using the API User and not the Cvent web user. You can work with your Cvent representative to enable your API access. You can find more details here.

You can check this Cvent article on creating Internal Information, as you can create them for a single event or as default (for all events).

To get started with your Cvent integration:

1. Go to the Hopin integrations page

2. Find Cvent, click on it and then click Install application


3. In the new window, click New authentication.


4. Enter your Cvent credentials:

  • Your environment (production or sandbox account)
  • Cvent Account ID
  • Cvent API user username
  • Cvent API user password


5. Click Add, then Next.

Note: Make sure you are using the Cvent API user. Using the web user will pass the authentication step, but the workflow will not work correctly after being set up.

6. On the Cvent fields mapping screen, if you wish for your Hopin magic links to be pushed to Cvent, specify the Cvent Internal Information that the Magic Link should be pushed to. Please note that this must be the exact Question Code value (with no spaces on the end); we are not able to validate that these field names are correct while configuring the integration.


Please note: In order to configure a field for Magic Links in Cvent, you will need a Question to be set up under Website & Registration > Internal Information. Add a Single Line Answer and set the Question Code to something you'd like, for example hopin-magic-link. It is this code that Hopin will use in order to update the Magic Link for the user.

You can set up a question at Organisation level as well in Cvent (which will be applied to all events in Cvent), by navigating to Admin > Events > Invitee Management > Internal Information and adding a Single Line Question as above (it will need to have a unique question code, for example default-hopin-magic-link).

7. If you wish to automatically export attendee status from Hopin to Cvent, please click the "Export Attendee Status" checkbox.

We are using the cventapi.CheckIn method, which results in the "Event Participant" field in Cvent (under Invitee Management > Invitees and registrants) to be changed to "Yes". In order to map with the correct event in Cvent, we use the Hopin TicketID (called "Admission Item" in Cvent) mapping (configuration details below).

The attendee status is automatically updated when a participant joins the event. This currently only works for participants that were imported into Hopin from Cvent (if a participant enters an event, but they aren't already a Cvent participant their status would not be updated).


8. Click Finish and you're now ready to start using the Cvent integration!

Setting up your events in Cvent

In order to map your Cvent registrations to the right tickets in Hopin, you will need:

1. In Hopin, identify the ticket that people will be registered against.

  • In your event dashboard, navigate to the Registrations > Tickets tab.
  • Copy the ticket URL, paste it anywhere and copy the 'code' part of the URL (the 'xeTWv3xjdXo2yw89L71K7Jprcke' in the image below).

2. In Cvent, go to Event details > Admission Items.

3. Edit the Admission item for your event.

Screenshot_2021-04-01_at_14.19.10.png4. Change the Name field to correspond with your Hopin ticket name.

5. Enter the Ticket integration code in the Code field, then click Save.


6. Any new registration created for that Cvent admission item will automatically be added to Hopin as a magic link invitee. Please note that the automatic import happens every hour, so new registrations might be delayed by up to an hour. Similarly, it might take up to an hour before your registrations appear in your Hopin account after enabling the integration.

7. In Hopin, go to your Event Dashboard > People > Magic Link Invites.

8. Click on Manage invitations. Your registered users will be listed.



Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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