Setting up Snapbar on the Hopin platform

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Please use this order form to book a photo booth for your Hopin event! Here is the pricing for Snapbar, ideally allow for two weeks notice.

How to integrate Snapbar into Hopin

What plan is the Snapbar integration currently available on?

The Snapbar integration is available on Business and Enterprise plans.

You can find an overview of our Hopin licenses on our pricing page, feel free to contact our sales team if you'd like to discuss an upgrade.

What are the capabilities of the Snapbar integration?

By integrating Snapbar you'll be able to add a photo booth to any expo booth area in your event. Here an example of a Hopin-themed photo booth.

What are the limitations of the Snapbar integration?

The Snapbar integration is currently only available in the expo booth area. It is also only available on request via our sales team. If you have any feedback on other areas that you'd like to see the Snapbar integration, we'd love to hear them!

How do I set up the Snapbar integration?

Follow the below instructions to get Snapbar for better event engagement and user-generated photo content for your brand. The Snapbar photo booth is a fun and simple way to engage any audience!

1. Speak to Hopin's sales team, your account executive, or your customer success manager to activate the Snapbar integration within Hopin. You'll need to set up an account via Snapbar which you can request via this order form.

2. Once your Snapbar account is set up, your account manager will turn on the Snapbar integration for your Hopin organization.

3. When the Snapbar integration is turned on, login to your Hopin account and go to the event dashboard. Navigate to the expo booth area within the event dashboard. You can create a new booth or edit an existing booth. Within your chosen booth, choose Snapbar as your Content Provider, enter the Snapbar URL, and hit Save at the bottom of the page.



4. Your Snapbar photo booth will appear in your selected expo booth(s).


5. And you're done!

How do I remove the Snapbar integration?

You can remove the Snapbar integration by changing the Content Provider in the expo booth and saving the booth.

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