Integrating Interprefy with Hopin

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Please use this order form to get started with Interprefy as a Hopin organizer! Ideally, allow for two weeks notice prior to your event. You can find pricing examples here.

What plan is the Interprefy integration available on?

Interprefy is available to Hopin's Business and Enterprise plans. There is an additional cost to using the Interprefy integration that depends on the number of languages and length of event. You can find an overview of our Hopin licenses on our pricing page, feel free to contact our sales team if you'd like to discuss an upgrade.

What are the capabilities of the Interprefy integration?

The Interprefy integration enables audio translations of stages and sessions via a widget in the right-hand panel of a Hopin event. Interpreters can be provided by the event organizer or by Interprefy. Attendees will see a 'Translations' tab, from which they'll be able to select from the languages provided by the event organizer. Attendees will have to mute the stage or session audio manually so that they can hear only the translation audio.

What are the limitations of the current Interprefy integration?

Attendees must mute all of the speakers in the relevant area to be able to clearly hear the translation (if they do not, they will get both the original audio and the translated audio over the top of each other).

How do I set up the Interprefy integration?

1. Reach out to your Hopin Success contact or your Account Executive. They will help you get set up with Interprefy. If you do not have an Interprefy license yet, submit this order form.

2. Once you're set up with Interprefy, you'll have a URL that will be used to display the widget in the appropriate event area. Your Success Manager will enable the integration on your organization.

3. When Interprefy has been set up for your organization, login to your Hopin account, and go to the event dashboard.

4. Navigate to the area where you'd like Interprefy to be available. In our example, it's a session but it could be on stage too. So in the event dashboard, navigate to 'Venue > Sessions' or 'Venue > Stages' accordingly.


5. Choose to add or edit a session or stage, and you'll see a field for the Interprefy URL under 'Integrations'. Enter your URL here and hit 'Save' at the bottom of the page once you've finished configuring the session or stage.


6. Use the 'Preview Event' button in the top right corner to check that Interprefy is available in the relevant event area.


The 'Mute/Unmute all' button will allow attendees to mute all speakers and tune in on the translated audio.


Note: The 'Mute/Unmute all' button is only available for sessions, it doesn't work for the stage. Attendees will have to mute the stage audio manually so that they can hear only the translation audio.


7. You're ready to go! Interprefy and your Success manager will help you understand exactly how to get set up with your interpreters for your event.

How do I turn off the Interprefy integration?

You can turn the integration off by removing the link in the relevant area (session or stage) and by saving that change, or by disabling the Interprefy integration from the 'Integrations' tab of your organzation's homepage.

How to get started with an Interprefy account?

If you don't have an Interprefy account yet, please submit this order form to receive preferential treatment as a Hopin customer. Here's also a slide deck with pricing examples for Interprefy.


Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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