Setting up HubSpot on the Hopin platform (Business and Enterprise plans)

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Which plans is the Hopin<>HubSpot integration available on?

The HubSpot integration is available on the Starter, Growth, Pro, Business and Enterprise plans. 

Note: To integrate HubSpot on the Starter or Growth plan, see our separate article.

You can find an overview of our Hopin licenses on our pricing page, feel free to contact our sales team if you'd like to discuss an upgrade.

What are the capabilities of the Hopin<>HubSpot integration?

  1. Push registration from Hopin to HubSpot
  2. Pull registrations from HubSpot to Hopin, and push a magic link back to HubSpot
  3. Push event 'registered' and 'attended' status to HubSpot as a "Note" on a contact
  4. Push Custom Registration Q&As as a "Note" on a contact

Note: If you are using HubSpot to send your magic links, the Magic Links/Manage Invitations tab in the Event Dashboard will not update the ticket status to Invited. You will need to use HubSpot to track if you have sent the invitations. However, once a registrant accepts their magic link, their Hopin magic link status will change to Registered

What you'll need to enable the HubSpot integration

  • A HubSpot Operation Hub account to have access to webhooks if you want to pull registrations from HubSpot to Hopin, and push a magic link back to HubSpot. This is not required if only pushing registrations and 'attended' status from Hopin to Hubspot. 
  • A field on your HubSpot contact that contains Hopin's ticket 'integration code', so that when we pull that registration from HubSpot we can map it back to the correct Hopin ticket and event; in the example below we have called this field 'Hopin Integration Code'.
  • A field on your HubSpot contact for Hopin to push our magic link into, after pulling a registration from HubSpot into Hopin (the magic link is the event access link that is sent to registrants, and is specific to an attendees email address, ticket type and event); in the example below we have called this field 'Hopin Magic Link'.
Note: Both fields above should be created as a Single Line Text type.

Integration guide

Here's how to get your HubSpot integration up and running!

1. To get started, you will need to install the HubSpot app to your Hopin Organization. You can access the app store by going to your Organization Dashboard and heading to the Apps tab. Then click on Discover More on App Store.


You can find HubSpot under the CRM category, or you can follow this link to go directly to the page. Click Install app to add the Twitter app to your Organization.


2. Click on New authentication and follow the steps to login to and authorize your HubSpot account.



3. Once you've authenticated your account, click Next and proceed to the 'HubSpot contact mapping' screen.


4. Each Hopin field needs to be mapped to a HubSpot field, so that the data can be passed correctly in either direction. First name, last name and email should be self explanatory. The 'Ticket integration code' field in Hopin will need to be mapped to a field in your HubSpot contact that contains Hopin's ticket 'integration code', as discussed earlier. This code is used to map the HubSpot registration to the correct ticket and event in Hopin (we'll show you where to find this code in the 'Testing the HubSpot integration' section below).

The 'Magic link' field will also need to be mapped to a field in your HubSpot where you wish Hopin's magic link to be passed into, as discussed earlier. The magic link is used as an invite link for your registrants if you pull registrations from HubSpot to Hopin; it is specific to the registrants email, the ticket and the event that they have registered for. In our example we have called these fields on our HubSpot Contact 'Hopin Integration Code' and 'Hopin Magic Link'.

Once all the fields are configured click Next to finish the setup. 


5. In the next screen select the checkbox if you want to add the Custom Registration Q&As as "Notes" on the Contact record in Hubspot. Also, if you don't wish to add the "registered" and "attendee" status as Notes on the Contact record in Hubspot, please deselect the below checkbox.

Click Next to complete the setup of the integration.


6. Next, you'll need to set up a HubSpot workflow with a Hopin webhook to pull registrations into Hopin (you can skip this step if you only want to push registrations from Hopin to HubSpot).

First, copy the URL from the pop-up screen and then click Next to complete the setup of the integration.

Tip: You might want to paste this somewhere as a note, as it will be a few steps before we'll need this URL.


7. Next, select the checkboxes if you would like Hopin to create a Marketing Event for each of your Hopin event and add attendee statuses to each of these Marketing Events.

Note: you can leave the checkboxes in their default state if you don't want to create marketing events in Hubspot

Click Finish to set up the integration.


Creating a HubSpot Workflow

1. In HubSpot, navigate to Workflows and click on Create Workflow.


2. Choose Start from scratch.

Next, click on Contact-based workflow and click Next.


3. You'll need to set an 'enrollment trigger', i.e. an action that is the trigger for the workflow to be started. Choose the filter type 'Contact properties', and then choose the field on your Contact that contains the Hopin 'integration code' as discussed earlier. Choose to trigger the workflow when the Contact 'is known', then click Apply filter and Save.




4. Now click the '+' button and choose the Trigger webhook workflow, then paste the URL that you copied from the Hopin integration screen, and save the workflow.



5. You're finished!


Testing the HubSpot integration

Now we can do some testing of the integration.

1. First, you can create a registration in Hopin to check that it's pushed into HubSpot. To do that, select the relevant organization in your account, navigate to the 'Events' tab, select an event, and use the Preview Event button to access the registration page (this assumes at least one ticket has been created and the event has been published).

Note: If you have set up the Q&A sync, make sure that you have created a registration form.



2. Register for the event in the registration page (if you have already registered with your account, you can de-register yourself in the 'Attendees' page).


3. Navigate to your HubSpot account and view your contacts, you should see the registration.


4. In the Contact entry, it shows whether or not they registered for the event. Also, if you have selected the checkbox to add each Custom registration Q&A as "Notes" on the Contact record you will see them here, too.


5. Next, we can test that registrations created or updated as Contacts in HubSpot are being pulled into Hopin, and magic links pushed to HubSpot. You can do this by creating a new Contact in HubSpot, or by adding a ticket integration code to an existing Contact. The contact must have a first name, last name, email and Hopin ticket 'integration code' to be pulled into Hopin correctly.

Tip: To find the ticket 'integration code'

In your event dashboard, navigate to the Registrations > Tickets tab.

Copy the ticket URL, paste it anywhere and copy the 'code' part of the URL (the 'xeTWv3xjdXo2yw89L71K7Jprcke' in the image below).

6. Add this integration code to the field that you have created in your HubSpot Contact, then create the Contact.


7. Navigate to your Event Dashboard > People > Magic Link Invites page in the left-hand menu of your event, and select the Manage Invitations tab at the top. You should see the Contact that you created in the invite list.


8. Then check the magic link field on your Contact in HubSpot to ensure the magic link has been pushed correctly.


9. You're done! 

HubSpot Marketing Events

Once the contacts register and attend the event, you will be able to see the Marketing event, as well as the number of people that registered or attended the event in the HubSpot calendar.

Follow these steps to get started.

  • Tick the "Create Marketing Events automatically" box to have the Marketing Event created automatically after the first registration to the event happens

  • Tick the "Add attendee status to Marketing Event" to automatically add information about the event attendance to the Marketing Event


  • In HubSpot, go to Marketing > Campaigns and then select the Calendar tab. You will be able to see all of your Marketing events in the calendar based on the event start and end time.


  • If you want to see the number of people that registered and attended to each event, select that event and click on Details.


  • On the next page, click on the Actions tab and select View all properties from the drop down list that appears.


  • Once selected, you will be able to see the all the details for the marketing event.


Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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