How to use Magic Links as an Attendee, Speaker, or Moderator

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What is a Magic Link?

Magic Links allow organizers to invite Attendees, Speakers, or Exhibitors to an event or import registrations from third-party registration platforms into Hopin. 

  • When clicked, a Magic Link will automatically sign-up the attendee for a specific event if they already have a Hopin account affiliated with their email address.
  • If a user does not have an existing Hopin account affiliated with their email address, the Magic Link creates a new Hopin account affiliated with the email address for an Attendee. Once the Magic Link is clicked, it will register the Attendee for a specific event under their new Hopin account.
  • No two Magic Links are the same; each is unique for every attendee at every event.
  • Magic Links can be sent to Attendees, Exhibitors, Speakers, Moderators and other Organizers prior to as well as after the event start time if needed.
  • Magic Link invites can be unsubscribed from by invitees to stop receiving further emails from that event and decline the registration.
  • More information is available in our guide How to create and use Magic Links.

How to use Magic Link invites

An Attendee (or Speaker, Moderator, Exhibitor) will receive a Magic Link invitation email sent by an Event Organizer to complete your registration and be taken to the event's waiting page, if it hasn't begun yet, or directly into the live event. 

Note that because Organizers can customize their email design, the emails you may receive may not look like the default examples below. 

If you've already registered for a Hopin event before, you will receive an email link this one, and you can click Login & Join Event.



If you do not already have a Hopin account, you will receive an email like this. Simply click on Verify Registration to proceed.


Next tick the box next to I'm not a robot to continue and complete the reCAPTCHA, if prompted.

Note: The reCAPTCHA is a security measure we have in place to make sure there are no bots accessing events. In some cases you will be prompted to complete a reCAPTCHA in some others only ticking the box will be sufficient. Other users may not see the reCAPTCHA screen at all.


Then, check the box to accept the Terms & Conditions, and click Continue. You can also select the red text underneath the Continue button to Decline invitation and remove my data from Hopin, if you would not like to join the event. 


If the Event hasn't started yet

If an attendee clicks their Magic Link and the event hasn’t started yet, they are brought to the event waiting page. Here, the guest can edit their Hopin profile by clicking the create your profile link (avatar, name, headline, and social media handles can all be updated). They can also write messages in the chat.


If the Event has started

If an attendee clicks their Magic Link and the event has started, they are brought immediately into the event, specifically to the Reception page.



The guest can still edit their Hopin profile (avatar, name, headline, and social media handles) by clicking their avatar image at the top right-hand corner of the page and going to their Profile page.

Note: The Magic Link will act as an "access pass" into the event, it will bypass the need to log-in to Hopin by bringing the user directly into their Hopin account and into the event.
Tip: If you don't see a Magic Link invite in your inbox check your spam/junk folder just in case.

If your email client uses email threads, make sure to select only the latest Magic Link email. You may need to expand the email thread to see it. 

How to add a Magic Link invite to your calendar

Once you have verified your registration for the event, you will be sent another email saying "Thank you for registering to [the event]."




Here, you can click Add to Calendar again and it will generate a drop down menu. 


Note: you can also find the URL for the event, on this page, too! 



Select the appropriate calendar choice in the drop down menu. In this case we will use Google


A calendar entry will then be created, click Save to add to the calendar.


Below is how the entry will look in your Google Calendar, simply click the Magic Link URL to access the event when the time comes.


Your email provider may also generate a calendar invite within the header of email so that you can add it to your calendar from there. 


How to decline a Magic Link invite for an event

As an Attendee, Speaker, or Moderator, you are able to decline Magic Link invites and stop receiving these emails from the Organizer of an event.
Simply click on please click here to unsubscribe near the bottom of the Magic Link invite email.


You will then be redirected to a page where you can either:

  • Decline invitation, so that you won't register for the event nor receive further emails about it.
  • Accept invitation, in case you change your mind and want to register for the event and receive further emails about it.


Clicking on Decline invitation will redirect you to the page shown below, you will be unsubscribed to all event emails and won't be registered for the event. Here you also have the option to Resubscribe if you wish to.

Clicking on Resubscribe will redirect you to the Decline and Accept invitation page (shown above), where both options will be again available to choose from. 


Magic Link invites are very flexible to satisfy different user needs and scenarios, some further options to keep in mind for Magic Link invitees are described below.

  • If an invitee initially accepts the Magic Link invite and changes their mind they can still unsubscribe using the initial invitation email they received following the same process as described above by clicking on please click here to unsubscribe near the bottom of the Magic Link invite.
  • If an invitee initially declines the Magic Link invite and changes their mind they can still register for the event using the initial invitation email they received following the same process as described above by clicking on the Login & Join Event button near the middle of the Magic Link invite.



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