How to use the StreamYard Backstage within Hopin

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StreamYard is the easiest way to create a professional stage experience for your event. 

With the acquisition of StreamYard by Hopin, organizers will be able to quickly access advanced video production features for their events through the event dashboard. 

To get started, 

  • Go to the Event Dashboard > Venue > Stage 
  • Under Broadcast Studio, select StreamYard Backstage. Note that selecting the StreamYard Backstage creates a new backstage link for the event and if you were already using the Hopin backstage link, it will no longer be accessible.


  • Click the ‘View StreamYard Backstage’ button. This will direct you to the new backstage where you will be required to allow access to your mic and camera.

Note: You do not need a StreamYard account in order to use this backstage 



  • The next step is to check your camera and microphone. You can also make use of the ‘mute’ and ‘Stop Cam’ buttons as you wish.


  • You can go on to explore the settings option by clicking on the ‘Cam/Mic’ button on the right. This option allows you to set up your camera, audio and green screen. 

With the camera option, you can select your camera and resolution. The audio option allows you to select your microphone and speaker. The green screen option allows you to set up virtual backgrounds for your event. Note that enabling the green screen feature uses more computer resources than other features. 

Tip: How to set up virtual backgrounds using StreamYard

  • Select your display name and enter the broadcast studio

How to use the StreamYard Broadcast Studio

Once you enter the StreamYard Broadcast Studio, you are met with the picture below.


  1. Clicking on the StreamYard/Hopin logo takes you to the reception page of the event. 
  2. This is where your stream will be shown on the backstage and how it will look on the main stage.
    You can choose different video layouts as listed in the options below.
  3. Your video card will be shown at this portion of the backstage. You need to click on the video card here to add the video to the main stream in number 2. 
  4. This gives you options for turning on/off your mic/cam, sharing your screen or a video file on your computer, copying the broadcast studio link and returning to the main event. 
  5. On the tab at the right side, you're able to use the chat area, add banners to the stream, choose from branding options, access the private chat area and access the settings page of the broadcast studio. 
  6. This allows you to access the chat area of the broadcast studio. All chats from the broadcast studio are automatically transferred to the main stage of the event. You can also show comments on the main stream by clicking on the comment on the broadcast studio.
  7. Click the Go Live button to begin broadcasting to the main stage of the event. Note that there will be a 10-second delay to the stage. To stop the broadcast, simply click the Stop Broadcast button. 

What happens if the Studio is full? 

When the StreamYard Studio is full and someone tries to join backstage, they will see the following message:


While the host will see a message that looks like this:


In order for someone else to join your studio when it's full, the host will have to remove a guest from the studio. To remove a guest, click the 3 dots on their webcam card and click Kick From Studio. Then additional guests can refresh the page to join your broadcast.


Visit the StreamYard Backstage FAQ for more information. 

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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