How to access a Scheduled Session before the start time

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If you have scheduled sessions for your event, you may know that the sessions will not be accessible by your speakers, moderators and attendees until 5 minutes before the start time, unless specified otherwise. 

The image below shows what attendees see when they try to access a scheduled session before the start time: 


How to display Sessions before and after the scheduled time

By default, scheduled sessions do not show up on the Sessions tab of the event until 5 minutes before the scheduled time, and are removed 5 minutes after the end time. However, this can be adjusted if you navigate to your Event Dashboard >Setup > Basics and then click on Advanced Settings.

The minimum time is 5 minutes for both but there is no maximum time for how long it can be displayed.


Now, what if you'd like your speakers and moderators to get into the session to rehearse before the start time? 

The best thing to do here is to get the direct link of the session and send that over to your speakers.

To get the link of the scheduled session, go to the Event Dashboard > Venue > Sessions. On the sessions tab, you'll find the session list. Click on the Go to session - this will open a new session tab within the event. You can then copy the URL from the browser box and share it with your speakers and moderators as needed. 

Note: this option is only available up to 2 weeks before the event, as long as Early Access is enabled on your event dashboard. 
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