How to delete your Hopin account

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Before you delete your Hopin account, note that you need to cancel any subscriptions you may have to avoid being charged after deleting the account. 

Tip: How to cancel the Starter plan, How to cancel the Growth plan

To delete the account

  • Sign into your Hopin account
  • On your home page, select the Profile tab 


  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the section to delete your account
  • Enter the confirmation phrase and click 'delete account'. Please note that this action cannot be reversed. 


What happens to my data after I delete my account? 

Please see our Privacy policy and Security statement for more information. For any questions regarding our privacy policy, please reach out to 

Note: If you delete your Hopin account this will delete all data associated with it including events (past, draft and future), event data and analytics, event recordings, and organizations held under the account, this action is irreversible and data will not be able to be recovered. 

I'm an organizer, how can I delete attendee accounts after the event? 

Please note that organizers are not able to delete accounts on behalf of their attendees. This needs to be done by the attendees by following the steps already mentioned above. 


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