How to manage the Event Chat

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As an Organizer, there are several ways you can use the Event chat to improve your Event experience. Here's a few tips and tricks for you to consider. 

How to pin a chat message

The pinned message feature allows each chat section (Event, Stages, Sessions, Expo Booths) to have their own pinned message to direct attendees to other sections, share a URL, or simply post something to be aware of. It will be shown 

To create a pinned message, send a chat message with the content you want to highlight to your audience and hover on it. You will then see a pin icon to the right, click it to pin the message to the top of the chat.


Below is how the message looks like after it is pinned, note the blue pin next to the username showing it is a pinned message.


Note: You can only have one pinned message per each section chat (Event, Stages, Sessions, Expo Booths).

If you want to replace the pinned message with another one, hover on the message you would like to pin and click the pin icon to the right. You will then get a prompt to confirm this action, click the Replace button to continue.


The new pinned message will be displayed in the same way as shown above and will replace the existing one. 

Note: Currently only organizers or an organization team members can pin messages.

How to delete a chat message

Chat messages of event sections (Event, Stages, Sessions, Expo Booths) can also be deleted. To delete a message, hover on it, you will then see a trash can icon to the right, click it to delete the message.


You will then get a prompt to confirm this action, click the Delete button to continue. The message will then be removed.


Note: Currently only organizers or an organization team members can delete messages.

How to clear the chat

If you have an event that lasts for a few days then you may want to clear the Event Chat so as not to confuse your attendees and help them keep track of communications. 

You can choose to clear the chat in individual sections of your event directly or you can do it through your Event Dashboard and clear everything all at once. 

For more information on how to do this, check out our article on how to clear the Event Chat

How to disable GIFs

If you would like to disable the use of GIFs in your chat, then head to your Event Dashboard > Venue > Venue Controls and look for the "Instant Commands" section. Untick the box next to Giphy and click Save



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