How to set up the Additional Custom Event Area

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This feature is only available on our Enterprise plan and allows to have an extra icon below the Expo section on the left navigation sidebar. Once configured, the extra icon will lead attendees to an external web page when clicked.


To configure this go to your Event Dashboard > Setup > Basics and scroll down until you find the custom area configuration settings, as shown below. To configure:

  • Insert a title
  • Insert a URL
  • Upload a logo (needs to be in SVG format and 24x24 pixels)
  • Select if you want the URL to open in a new window
  • Click the Save button when finished


That's it! You have configured your additional custom event area!

How to create a schedule for your Custom Area

Creating a schedule for your custom event area will help your attendees to navigate around your event more easily.

To add your Custom Event Area to your schedule, go to Event Dashboard > Venue > Schedule and select Add to Schedule.


From here, you can select your Custom Event Area from the dropdown list under "Session type" and continue to fill out the required fields. 

Note: Your Custom Area will show up in the dropdown list as what you chose to name it as when you were setting it up. Here, we named our Custom Area "Hopin". 


Once you select Add to Schedule your segment will appear in the schedule on your Reception page and attendees will be notified when it becomes live. 


Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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