How to see who is viewing different parts of your event

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Do you want to see how many people are currently online and viewing different parts of your event?

Sessions and Expo Booths

One way you can discover how many people are viewing your Sessions and Expo Booths is by navigating to the People tab in the respective area.

Note: This works in only sessions and expo booths but not in the stage and backstage segments.


The People tab will allow you to see exactly who is viewing the session, you will also be able to direct message, invite to a video call, or schedule a meeting with a specific attendee if you wish so.


You can also see how many people are viewing the Session or Expo Booth from outside of the segment, (you can get to this page by clicking on the Sessions or Expo button on the left sidebar) you will be able to see the eye icon for each session at the bottom right.

Next to the eye icon, you will see a number. This number shows how many people are currently viewing that specific session. The eye icon (if enabled) will also be visible when inside the session on the screen.


The whole event

The people icon, located at the top of every page, will tell you the total amount of people currently online at the event


Note: Organizers can enable or disable the counters and attendee list if they want to by enabling/disabling the People Area and turning on Attendee Visibility on the Venue > People Area page.



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