How to remove an organizer from your organization

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You can add another person from your team to your event on Hopin to help manage and organize things, see our guide here for more info.

Note: Have in mind that depending on the plan, adding additional organizers might add additional costs. Check all of our currently available plans, features and prices here.

Alternatively, you can also change a user's role and permissions. Check out this article on how to change their access, if you do not want to delete them completely. 

How to remove an organizer from your team

There may be times when you want to remove an organizer from your team for example:

  • When you have reached the max number allowed by your Hopin plan for your organization and want to add a new team member without having to pay extra for an add on
  • When a team member leaves your company and needs to be removed
  • When a team member (maybe a contractor) has finished their job within your organization and their services are no longer required

It's very simple to remove a team member from your organization. However, this may look different depending on the dashboard you have enabled. The original dashboard and the new, simplified dashboard look slightly different so choose an option from the tabs below to get started.

  • Head to to the Team tab on your Organization account settings, and hover over the entry that you would like to edit. Click on the pencil icon that appears on the right hand side. 


    Next, click Edit role.

    In the new panel, click the Remove button and then confirm you would like to delete the user in the pop-up. That's it, you have successfully removed the Organizer from your Organization.


  • In the new, simplified dashboard, click on your Organizer name from the banner at the top of the page. In the drop down that appears, select Manage Organization.


    Select Team from the tabs in the panel on the left hand side to see your team members/other Organizers.

    team.pngHere, you can use the search function to find a team member, and then hover over the entry to display a trash can icon. Click on this icon to remove the team member from your Organization. 


    A small pop-up will ask you to confirm your choice. Click Remove to permanently delete the team member, or click Cancel if you have changed your mind.



That's it! You have now successfully removed an organizer from your organization. 

Tip: Learn more about Roles and Permissions on Hopin.


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