Integrating HubSpot with Hopin (Starter and Growth plans)

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What can the HubSpot Starter and Growth plan integration do?

The HubSpot integration can push registrations (first name, last name, email) and event attendance data from Hopin to HubSpot.

What are the limitations of the HubSpot Starter and Growth plan integration?

On the Starter or Growth plans you'll only be able to push registrations (first name, last name, email) out to HubSpot, not import them from HubSpot (importing from HubSpot is available on our Business and Enterprise plans).

Integration guide

Find below what you'll need to do to enable the HubSpot integration.

Note: To integrate HubSpot on Advanced plans, check out our separate guide.

1. Login to your Hopin account, select the relevant organization on the left-hand menu, and select the Integrations tab; click on the HubSpot integration.


2. At the next screen click Install application. At the prompt click the Install button.



3. Authenticate into your HubSpot account at the next screen.



4. Return to the configuration screen and click Finish once you've authenticated your HubSpot account.


5. The Hopin<>HubSpot integration will now push any registrations created in Hopin to your HubSpot instance (first name, last name, email). If any contact already exists, it will not be duplicated. When a registrant attends an event, that activity will be pushed to the relevant HubSpot contact as a note.

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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