Setting up GoFundMe on the Hopin platform

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If you are looking to raise funds during your event hosted on Hopin, the GoFundMe integration will help you do just that.

GoFundMe can be added to the activity panel of any event area (stage, session, expo) so that you can collect donations and showcase fundraising progress directly within Hopin.

How do I set up the GoFundMe integration?

  1. To get started, you will need to install the GoFundMe app to your Hopin Organization. You can access the app store by going to your Organization Dashboard and heading to the Apps tab. Then click on Discover More on App Store. 



  2. You can find GoFundMe by following this link to go directly to the page. Click Install app to add the GoFundMe app to your Organization.


  3. In a separate browser tab, navigate to the GoFundMe website and find the cause you would like to support. Then, simply copy the URL from the URL bar.

    Please only use this URL and make sure it contains and no other version (e.g. since this will trigger an error message.


  4. Back on the event dashboard, navigate to the specific stage, session or expo booth in your event to which you'd like to add GoFundMe (Event Dashboard > Venue > Stage/Session/Expo). Scroll down to the 'Apps' section of the page, paste the URL for your GoFundMe campaign, and save the page. You can also change the tab name if you wish.


  5. If your event is published, you can preview your event by clicking on the Preview Event button in the top right corner of the screen; you can then navigate to the relevant area for which you have configured GoFundMe, and you'll see the following:


  6. You're ready to go! Attendees can now donate to the cause you selected directly within Hopin.


How to remove or uninstall GoFundMe?

You can remove the GoFundMe integration simply by removing the URL from the stage, session, or expo booth of your event. To uninstall the GoFundMe integration, navigate to the "integrations" tab in the organizer dashboard and hit "uninstall".


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