How to set up your event registration page using Hopin Canvas

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What is Hopin Canvas?

Hopin Canvas is a new tool for organizers to quickly build and launch event registration pages that are beautifully designed, functional, and captivating for event marketing.

It integrates with the entire Hopin platform so you can create a seamless event experience for all your attendees.

To build your event page using Hopin Canvas you need to edit one of the prepared themes. You only need to choose the theme you like, customize it down so that it fits your brand design best, insert your texts and replace our images with yours. That’s it!

To get started...

  • On the event dashboard, click Registrations > Registration page.
  • You’ll immediately have access to Hopin Canvas as well as Hopin default. Click Edit page under Hopin Canvas to start customizing it.
Note: Be sure to click Use this layout to activate the Hopin Canvas for your event.


  • Select your desired theme


  • The next page you see is the page builder which allows you to drag and drop elements around to build your event page.

Review of the Event Page Builder


On the left side of the page, you have a side menu that contains elements that allow you to customize different segments of the event page. The Header block allows you to add and customize a header, the Sections block allows you to add and customize sections, and so on.

On your workspace, you’re able to duplicate a block by clicking the copy button; you can undo an action by clicking the undo button at the top right (cmd+z or ctr+z) or simply use the delete button by the left side of a block to remove the block.


At the top panel, you’re able to see how your event page will look on a mobile device, a tablet and a desktop.

On the right side of the page builder, you have the Layout and Theme tabs. The Layout tab allows you to customize the content of each block - such as text, logo and image - while the Theme tab shows you the current theme you’re working with and allows you to change the font and button colours (Advanced plans only).


Building an Event Page from Scratch

If you’d like to create your own event page from scratch, select your desired theme first then click the undo button at the top right once you enter the page builder. This gives you a blank space to work with.

Note: If you previously edited your event page, the only way to create the blank space is to delete each block.


Have a look through the options below to learn more on building your registration page.

  • Add your header

    • Click the Header tab on the left side and select any of the options you prefer.


    • Once added, click on the background image and then the Layout tab to change the image and add your logo. Toggle the ‘Show in header’ button to remove/show your logo.
    Note: When adding images, be sure to look out for the specified image format and size on the right. 


    • To edit the text, double click on any of the text. Then select the Theme tab to change the font of the text (the font change applies to all fonts on the page). See the video below for a demonstration:

    • To customize the button, click on it and select the Layout tab to change the text and the Theme tab to change the font and display colour.


  • Add an About section

    • Click on the Sections tab and select any section style. You can add as many sections as you wish
    • As shown in the Header steps, edit the text by double-clicking on it. You can change the font using the Theme tab.


  • Add your Speakers 

    • Click on the Speakers tab to add a speaker grid used to showcase the speakers for your event.
    • Here, you can manually add the speaker information by double-clicking on the text OR if you already added your speakers through the event dashboard, the information is imported automatically when you put the block on the canvas. You can also click on the block > ‘import speakers’ > select the ones you want to add.


    Once you have added your speakers, you can click directly on them to add a Speaker Bio to each one. Simply toggle the "Show bio in modal" switch to "on" and you can add their bio in the text box below. You can also add additional links, as well as format the text you include.


    Once you have added in the bio you can click Preview modal to see what it will look like when attendees register for your event. 


  • Add the Schedule Section


  • Add the Sponsor Section


  • Add your Booths

    • Select the Expo tab to add your booths
    • If you already added your booths through the event dashboard, you can import them.
    • When creating your booths, make sure you set the size to "small" or larger. Mini booths cannot be imported.


  • Change Colours & Color Palettes (Advanced plans only)

    Each Theme comes with a predefined set of colours that can be overwritten by the user. Each colour corresponds to different UI elements on the Theme such as primary font, secondary font, background, CTA colour, etc.


    In order to change the colour of a UI element:

    1. Click on the circle icon that corresponds to the correct part of the UI
    2. Enter the hex code or select the colour on the colour picker


    Once your event page is all set up, use the preview button at the top right to see your event page. If you make changes after the event is published, be sure to hit save to avoid losing your work.


    Once your event is published, your landing page will be either the default Hopin registration page or the event page you just created, depending on what you select on the registration page settings of the event dashboard.

  • How do I add hyperlinks?

    The ability to add hyperlinks is available when you select a style from the Sections tab of the event page builder. 


    To add the hyperlink, highlight the words, click the three-dot, select the hyperlink option and input your link. 


Why doesn't my Canvas page update when I make changes in the Event Dashboard?

At this time, not all changes are automatically pulled through to the Canvas page when making updates in your Event Dashboard. 

For example, if you create your Schedule, then set up your Canvas page, the Canvas page will pull in your Schedule. But if you then make changes to your Schedule in your Event Dashboard, you will need to re-import your Schedule in your Canvas page.

Click on the section and in the Layout tab on the right, click Import.


This applies to the Schedule, Speakers, event date/time, and other areas, so please be sure to update any changes in Canvas manually after making them in the Event Dashboard.

Where can I find my event page URL?

To find the URL of your event page, go to the Event Dashboard > Overview page. 


What if I want to change the theme? 

If you already started creating your theme and you want to change it, you can, but note that your old work will be lost.

Click on any of the blocks and select the theme tab on the right. On the theme area, click on change theme to select a new theme. 



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