How to embed the event registration page on a third-party website

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Registration widgets give you the power to host the entire event signup process right on your website. 

Attendees can checkout and purchase multiple tickets, send invites, and complete their registration all without ever needing to go to

Creating a registration widget

Before creating the widget, you need to enable widget authentication. When widget authentication is disabled, logging into the existing user account isn’t possible and attendees can only checkout as guests. However, if there’s a single public ticket, any user already logged into their account will be taken straight into the event.

When widget authentication is enabled, attendees can log into their account, create a new account, or check out as guests. To enable this, go to the Event Dashboard > Registration > Details page. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find Widget Authentication and toggle the button. Hit Save.


To create the widget, go to the Event Dashboard > Registrations > Embeddable Widget page.

Click the Create Widget button at the top of the page, which will open up a form for you to complete.


Give your widget a name and specify the tickets you’d like to include. This is particularly useful when you need to embed the registration page to reflect just some specific tickets on your website.

Note: If you tick the box "include all tickets?" it will also display any private tickets that you have created.

Check the Enabled box to enable it and click Save.


You’ll now see it appear in the list of widgets.

Embedding a registration widget

If you’re ready to embed the widget on your site, click the edit icon for the respective widget. This again will open the form to which you’ll see a few snippets of code at the bottom.


The first snippet of code is the CSS. You’ll copy and paste this into the <head /> of your website. We should note, that while this part of the code isn’t required, we strongly suggest using it to ensure the widget layout looks great on your site.


The last snippet of the code is the HTML markup. This is required, and you’ll need to paste this in the <body /> of your website, wherever you’d like the widget to appear.


Once embedded, you should see the ticket selector like this on your website:



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