Ticket Groups: Connecting Customized Registration Forms to Tickets

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Ticket Groups offer a different registration experience to your attendees in accordance with their Ticket type. An All tickets group is generated by default when creating an event. 


Ticket Groups will link different ticket types to define the customized registration questions the attendee will see prior to completing their purchase. 

For example, to distinguish which group of customized registration questions your guests will see when completing their ticket purchase, the organizer would create two or more different Ticket Groups. Then specify the questions each attendee type will answer to complete their registration by creating Ticket Forms, and then associate each ticket type with the different Ticket Groups. 

Note: If you are using a Duplicate Event and trying to publish it, ensure your ticket groups are correctly set up. You will receive an error when publishing if this is not configured correctly.
However, please always use a new event for your official events. This ensures you have the most up to date features and functionalities. We recommend duplicating your official event for testing, checking configuration, speaker rehearsals, and more. However, any event that is going to be live to the public should be completely new for the best performance.

Defining Registration Questions for each Ticket Group

  • To set up additional Ticket Groups, go to the Event Dashboard > Registrations > Ticket Groups. Click on the Create ticket group button to get started. 


  • Input the Ticket Group name. 
  • Hit Save.
  • Now that you have your groups, you can start creating multiple registration forms. This is where organizers set specific questions they need their attendees to answer. Find how to create Registration Forms here


  • Once you have your ticket groups and registration forms, it is time to define which tickets will answer each group of questions. Go to your tickets tab and create or edit ticket types to connect them to a ticket group. If you need to revisit the ticket creation process, find it here.


  • Once you have linked the tickets to their ticket groups, just make sure to hit Save ticket.
  • You're set!

Note: When an event is duplicated, the event's tickets will be duplicated (if selected), but they will not be associated with their prior ticket group. The Organizer will need to manually affiliate each ticket with the correct ticket group. 

Can the organizer change the Ticket Group after registrations have been collected?

Yes! The settings of the ticket groups can be changed at any time.


Feel free to reach out to us at support@hopin.com in case you have questions or need assistance.

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