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The Registration Form tab of the new registration suite allows organizers to create required and optional registration questions that fall outside of the transactional process of selecting/purchasing a ticket.

For example, an organizer may want additional information about an attendee's profession or affiliation to the organizer or any other info before they complete the registration process. The Form Builder allows organizers a way to flexibly ask any question(s) they want to ask from an event registrant. This is how it will look when an Attendee registers for your event:


Organizers can choose not to create a registration form and simply allow their attendees to select/pay for a ticket and then directly enter the event once it opens.

Note: You have to create a ticket group in order to create a registration form, and you can only create one registration form for each ticket group. 

To create a registration form,

  • Go to the Event Dashboard > Registrations > Registration Form. 


  • Click Create a custom registration form to get started 
  • Fill out the Form Title and also affiliate the registration form with a specific Ticket Group (e.g. you may want to ask different questions from a VIP attendee or from a Regular attendee).
  • Add the questions.

Here are the types of questions an organizer can create via the Form Builder:


    • Single Line Text.
    • Paragraph Text.
    • Multi Select: Attendees can select multiple choices.
    • Single Select: Attendees can only select one choice.
    • Conditional: Organizers can create if-then logic questions based upon the answer that an attendee gives. If the attendee gives certain answers, he or she may see another question surface depending upon the initial answer given. Note that only one option can be conditional - not both. This option is not available on the Free plan.
    • Date.

The registration questions can be set as required or can be optional if the checkbox isn't checked.

Note: Required questions have to be answered for attendees to be able to purchase tickets, optional questions can be skipped.

Also, the answers for each question can be set as the default answer to any question (pre-populated for the attendee, but the attendee can change these pre-populated answers). 


Note: When bulk ticket purchases are enabled, bulk ticket buyers do not have to fill in registration questions as they are linked to individual tickets. Only after bulk tickets are assigned to attendees, they confirm registration and join the event, they'll then be asked to submit questions. Once done, they will end up on the event Reception page.

How to retrieve the information filled out on the form

To find the information filled out by your attendees on the registration form, go to the Event Dashboard > People > Attendees. Click on Export as CSV to download the report.


You will then receive the report via email. On the report, you will see the registration form questions and answers on the right side. 


Note: if an existing registration form is deleted then all of the collected information from this form will also be deleted and will no longer be shown in the event reports.


Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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